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RDP Polymer with High Bonding Strength

WOTAIchem is one of your trusted redispersible polymer powder manufacturers in China. Our T-5010N is a quality bonding chemical for different gypsum and mortar applications. We use high-quality VAE emulsions as raw materials. Meet international standards for your needs.


The WOTAIchem expert team is working on providing you with the best OEM solutions. We also support custom grade and formulation guidance based on your requirements.



WOTAIchem RDP Powder - T-5010N Specifications

Avg. particle size <300μm
Solid content 0.99
Protective colloid PVA
Tg.  12-15

T-5010N for High Bonding Strength Applications

The T-5010N belongs to our rigid RDP powder series. It is ideal for applications demanding superior bonding strength. It can also enhance bonding but also improve wear resistance for your project.


WOTAIchem applies strict QA systems in our manufacturing process. Our production bases use DCS and SIS to ensure T-5010N’s quality meets your different construction needs. Our RDP powder factory has a 30,000 annual capacity. So, we can also support your large-volume orders for polymer powder with high bonding strength.


> Other recommended RDP powder models: T-5011N and T-5041N.



WOTAIchem T-5010N - Top 6 RDP Powder Uses

T-5010N is a premium RDP powder renowned for its high bonding strength and wear resistance. It has enduring performance in diverse construction applications.
  • bonding-mortar
    Bonding Mortars

    – Enhanced high bond mortar strength due to its high-strength features.


    – Excellent film hardness for improved durability.

  • masonry-mortars
    Masonry Mortars

    – Strong formulation for reliable masonry bonds.


    – T-5010N’s tough film ensures lasting mortar integrity.

  • floor-mortars
    Floor Mortars

    – T-5010N powder has wear-resistant properties.


    – WOTAIchem high strength RDP powder is helpful for durable floor surfaces.

  • tile-adhesive
    Tile Adhesives

    – T-5010N is also suitable for basic tile adhesive and C1 tile adhesive.


    – Enhanced bonding properties for lasting tile adhesion.

  • wall-putty-chemical
    Interior Wall Putty

    – T-5010N’s tough film formation ensures longevity and resistance to wear.


    – Anti-slip. Providing stability for durable wall finishes.

  • gypsum-chemical
    Gypsum-Based Materials

    – Improved jointing and bonding in gypsum-based applications.


    – It can enhance the performance of plastering and self-leveling compounds.

T-5010N Packaging and Storage

Standard Package

25 kG/bag and 500-700 kG/pallet. Multi-layer paper bag with PE liner.


Store in cool and dry conditions. The shelf life is 2 years since the MFG.


Also available in 25 kG/bag, and customized volume as per request.


You may hit the below button to start a chat session or schedule a call, we’re always at your service.

Customized Volume

Available in 25 kG/bag and 500 kG/bag.


Also support grade customization.


You may hit the below button to start a chat session or schedule a call/e-mail, we’re always at your service.

Experience the Superior Boding of T-5010N

Request a complimentary sample now and witness firsthand the high bonding strength and exceptional wear resistance that sets T-5010N apart!


WOTAIchem Is Your Reliable Partner for RDP Powder

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Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

Is mortar stronger than cement?
Mortar and cement serve distinct roles in construction. It incorporates cement as a crucial component in its composition. It is a mixture of cement, sand, and water.


Mortar can gain strength through curing when it is properly mixed. It is designed for bonding materials like bricks and stones. Comparatively, cement alone lacks the adhesive properties of mortar.


So, in terms of strength for construction purposes, mortar is considered stronger due to its enhanced bonding capabilities.

What is high strength mortar used for?

High-strength mortar is used in construction for applications requiring bonding properties. It is ideal for projects that need long-lasting and reliable bonding performance. You can find them in various construction projects:


– Motars

– Tile Adhesives

– Flooring Solutions

High-rise Buildings

– Infrastructures

Areas with Heavy Foot Traffic

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