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RDP For Self Leveling Floor

WOTAI is a top-quality RDP manufacturer and distributor. We supply RDP powder for self-leveling cement. RDP powder is formed from ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion by spray drying polymerization. It generates many benefits in mineral base self-leveling floors, improving their performance. The primary function of RDP products is to improve the tensile strength, flexibility, and adhesion of self-leveling materials. Our RDP powder is the best-selling product in modern dry mix mortars. It’s widely used in the construction industry.


WOTAI is your reliable RDP distributor. We support you with high-quality RDP powder for your self-leveling projects.


  • Strong cohesion and good tensile force
  • Excellent water solubility, and quickly forms into emulsions
  • Enhance mortar strength and cohesion, anti-sagging
  • RDP extend the opening time

RDP Powder Influences on Self Leveling Compound

RDP for Self Leveling Compound

Excellent Compatibility and Adhesion Strength

WOTAI RDP is designed to modify self-leveling flooring compounds. It is compatible with all regular superplasticizers. The addition of the RDP powder improves adhesion, abrasion resistance, flexural strength, workability and the flow properties of the cement.

RDP for Self Leveling Compound

Performance Enhancement

The self-leveling compound has high flow characteristics and does not require the addition of excess water. WOTAI RDP powder is often added to self leveling compound to achieve a flat and smooth surface. It provides a good layer before the installation of interior floor coverings.

RDP for Self Leveling Compound

RDP Increases Wear Resistance

Redispersible polymer powders are used for the self-leveling compound to improve the properties of their processing and final products. The addition to the self-leveling composite can significantly strengthen its flexural and compressive strength and enhance its adhesion to the base surface.

WOTAI RDP Powder Highlights

Advanced Technology
Quality Assurance
Customisation Service
Global Certified
Stable Supply Chain
Effective Logistics

WOTAI - Professional RDP Supplier In China

  • rdp-quality
    Principles of Quality Controls

    Quality control is our core component of business development. We establish quality benchmarks and carry out multiple tests. We analyze deviations between the actual result and desired result, and take actions to improve.

  • RDP-sustainable
    Resource Management and Sustainability

    WOTAI develops business in a green and sustainable way. We are striving towards a sustainable future. By choosing the most efficient and safest procedures, using resources wisely, and reducing waste from the beginning.

  • RDP-manufacturing-process
    Advanced Manufacturing Technology

    WOTAI adopt German-made equipment and technology. With a highly-advanced laboratory, provide you with safe and effective solutions. We strive to be at the forefront of international developments, to support industry growth.

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What is redispersible polymer powder?

Redsipersible polymer powder is formed from ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion by spray drying polymerization. It generates many benefits in self leveling cement.

Why is RDP powder used in self leveling concrete?

RDP has an excellent film-forming effect, water solubility, quickly develop into emulsion, strong adhesion and tensile property. RDP provide the mortar with good fluidity and workability. And effectively improve cohesion, impact resistance, wear resistance and weather resistance, and bond strength.

What is the function of RDP powder?

RDP powder can be used in tile adhesives, exterior wall putty, building adhesives, plastering, and repairing concrete.

Can self levelling concrete be used outside?

It’s not recommended for outdoor applications, especially bumpy roads or verticles. Self-leveling compound is polymer mixed and functions best on horizontal surfaces.

Is self leveling concrete waterproof?
Yes! Self-leveling concrete can be made waterproof by adding appropriate waterproofing agents.
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