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China PVOH/PVA Powder Supplier

WOTAIchem is a professional PVOH/PVA powder supplier in China. Our high-quality polyvinyl alcohol powder is popular in the construction industry. They’re widely used in building materials, such as concrete and mortar.


Adding PVA to cement mortar can significantly increase fluidity and workability. And substantially lead to high productivity and efficacy.


  • Excellent water solubility.
  • Thermal stability.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Strong film-forming ability.
  • Oil and grease resistance.
  • Effective pigment binding.

PVA Properties and Features

PVA, sometimes called PVOH (Polyvinyl Alcohol), is a high-grade material with many beneficial characteristics.


Fully hydrolyzed PVA offers excellent water resistance, while partially hydrolyzed PVA has good stability when in solution. Fine powder-grade PVA is soluble and can easily be used for many applications.


WOTAIchem PVA/PVOH powder displays considerable versatility and applicability across various industries.


Depending on the grade, it can be used for many specific purposes. That include adhesives, specialty papers, building materials, polymerization, and temporary binders for ceramics. It has also been successfully employed in gas barrier coating and blown or flat films or foils.

Product Overview

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Product Information

Product Name: Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder.
Synonyms: PVOH or PVA powder.
PVA Powder Price: Negotiable.
Availability: In Stock.
MOQ: 1 MT.
CAS NO.:9002-89-5.
Compliance: ISO, SGS, CANS.
Payment: LC, T/T, OA.
Delivery: CIF, FOB, CFR, etc.

Dry mix mortar grade Powder PVA

Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder-PVA BDH

Appearance: White Powder.

PVA Viscosity: 20.0-26.5 mpa.s.

Volatile: ≤7.0%.

Sodium Acetate: ≤2.8%.

Degree of Polymerization: 1650-1850.

PVA Powder Uses: Dry mix mortars; wall putty.

Interior Wall Putty Grade PVA Powder

Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder-PVA BDH

Polyvinyl Alcohol Grades: Standard or Premium.

Viscosity: 44-50 mpa.s.

pH Value: 5-7.

Volatile: ≤5.0%.

Degree of Polymerization: 2400-2500.

PVA Powder Uses: Interior wall putty, dry mix mortar and wall putty.

Dosage: <2kg.

Polyvinl Alcohol - PVA Powder Applications

WOTAIchem PVOH powder is an excellent additive for building materials like concrete and cement mortar. It has impressive features in your construction projects.



PVA powder can effortlessly dissolves in cold water at room temperature. Eliminating the need for heating.


Ideal for producing cold water adhesives, putties, tile adhesives, dry mix mortars, and suitable for wallpaper and polypropylene fabric applications.

Polyvinyl alcohol powder will soften when heated. There is no obvious change below 40℃ or above 160℃. Long-time heating will gradually put on color.


The decomposition generates water, acetic acid, acetaldehyde, and butenal heating up to 220 ℃ or above.

Powdered PVA is particularly well suited for applications where chemical resistance is important.


It is virtually unaffected by weak acids, alkalis, or organic solvents and has high oil resistance. It’s great for applications where it will be exposed to chemicals.

WOTAIchem PVA Powders Applications

WOTAIchem PVA powders are renowned for their strong abilities in film formation, adhesion, and emulsification. They are widely used by multiple industries, especially in construction. Exceptional ingredients that demonstrate great performance.

  • antifoam-uses

    As a water-soluble polymer, PVA can be dispersed in the cement slurry to improve the cement’s adhesive properties.


    By adding PVA to the cement, its bonding performance is noticeably strengthened. Integrating PVA into the cement material exhibits remarkable results.

  • pva-adhesive
    PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol Glue

    PVA adhesive is a versatile and reliable bonding agent known for its strength. It’s the perfect choice for wood and other paper, fabric, and leather materials.


    PVA adhesive has a range of applications in both industrial and craft contexts, making it a great all-around bonding tool.

Get A Free Sample Right Now!

WOTAIchem PVOH/PVA powder finds applications in various areas, from adhesives to building materials. Each grade of the PVA product provides certain features for its specific usage.


Request FREE samples and unlock tailored solutions with our customizable formulations! Make sure you consult with a WOTAIchem specialist to find out the most suitable grade for your applications.


WOTAIchem Is Your Trusted PVA Powder Partner

WOTAIchem PVA Powder Packaging and Sizes


Also available in custom volumes.

Suitable for concrete and shotcrete, cement, and mortar.

Keep cool and dry, and avoid direct sunlight or sources of ignition.

Customized Volume

Also available in a 20kg package.

Suitable for concrete and shotcrete, cement, and mortar.

Keep cool and dry, and avoid direct sunlight or sources of ignition.

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Have any questions? We are always here to help you.

Can PVA powder be used after dissolving for over a month? Will it affect performance?

The duration of dissolution doesn’t significantly affect the structure of PVA powder. However, the PVA viscosity may slightly decrease.


Inspecting the PVA solution for signs of mold or black spots is essential, especially if no preservatives were added. It can generally be used if the solution appears free of mold or discoloration.  The risk lies in potential impurities causing mold growth.


Preparing and using the PVA solution as needed is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

What is the role and mechanism of Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder (PVA Powder) in putty?
PVA Powder enhances putty by forming a strong framework structure as it dries. This structure combines a rigid skeleton from inorganic materials with a flexible film created by PVA, similar to small springs on a frame.
Adding PVA to mortar can boosts putty’s cohesion and resistance to cracking. It slightly reduces water resistance but doesn’t affect overall waterproofing in cement-based putty.
Is PVA powder stable in cement?

PVA is generally stable in cement. Yet, various factors contribute to mortar consistency. Ensuring proper mixing procedures is essential to enhance stability. Then, consider the mortar formulation for an optimal balance.


> WOTAIchem recommendation: Add PVA-ADH or BGH models for your mortar formula.

How do you mix PVA powder?

Polyvinyl alcohol powder is heated and intensively stirred in water at temperatures ranging from 90 °C to 100 °C to create PVA solutions. This process requires two hours of stirring at a high speed, and the final result will be a clear and transparent solution that meets customer requirements.

What is PVA powder made of?

Polyvinyl alcohol is produced through the polymerization of vinyl acetate and subsequent partial hydrolysis – resulting in vinyl acetate monomer as the primary raw material. This method yields a substance with various industrial applications.

Does PVA fully dissolve in water?
Yes! PVA fully dissolves in water when you follow the instructions. It depends on factors like the type of PVA and water temperature. Stir it well for complete dissolution. Note that additives or high temperatures can affect it, so follow WOTAIchem guidelines for best results.
Can Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder (PVA Powder) replace VAE RDP powder?
No, PVA Powder can’t fully replace RDP powder. They serve different purposes. VAE RDP improves adhesion and viscosity during construction, but PVA Powder lacks durability and weather resistance, making it unsuitable for complete substitution.
Does PVA make concrete stronger?

The results of our studies show that PVA solution added to fresh cement paste reduces stiffness as well as compressive strength.

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