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  • hpmc-for-mortar
  • hemc-products
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WOTAIchem Premium Grades Cellulose

At WOTAIchem, we offer a diverse range of products tailored to meet your specific needs. One of our best-selling product lines is cellulose ethers. They are further divided into two series: W and T series. The W series is your affordable choice for its cost-effectiveness. The T series delivers superior quality and outstanding performance.


The T series represents the premium grade of cellulose ether, as in HPMC and HEMC/MHEC products. They’re used in many industries like construction, detergents, and paints. It has many roles: thickening, film-formation, opening time, and long-lasting adhesive power.

T Series HPMC and Corresponding Applications


Advanced modification.
Usage: Tile adhesive, insulation mortar.


Advanced modification.
Usage: Tile adhesive, insulation mortar.


Modified grade.

Usage: Exclusive for lightweight plaster.


Usage: Wall putty, cement plaster, insulation mortar, crack filler.


Usage: Wall putty, cement plaster, insulation mortar, crack filler.

Choose a Premium-grade Construction Additive from WOTAIchem

If you want the best quality and performance for a construction project, it’s best to go for the premium grades. They work well with other additives and deliver excellent outcomes. Besides that, they help you save maintenance and other repairing costs in the long run.

  • anti-slipping
    Enhanced Performance

    At WOTAIchem, T series products offer superior performance to your projects. They combined adhesion, consistency, and durability. And it has a certain level of resistance to moisture and heat.

  • quality-check
    Consistency and Quality

    WOTAIchem manufacturing T series with a more rigorous quality control system. To ensure reliable results. Thus reducing defects and improving your project quality.

  • wotaichem-team
    Tailored Solutions

    T series targets your specific problems during the construction process. At WOTAIchem, our RD center constantly conducts experiments and makes formula modifications.

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    Long-Term Savings

    T series normally come with a higher cost, resulting in long-term cost savings. It helps you reduce the maintenance chance and costs for your construction project.

WOTAIchem Service Highlights

OEM Manufacturing

Need equivalent grades or custom formulas? We assist you from raw material storage to production.

Production Bases

Investment from the Yuanwang group supports us in setting up five factories and bringing advanced equipment.

Supply Chain

Annual gross production is over 80,000 tons. We efficiently handle and meet large orders for global clients.

Customer Support

Our customer representatives are available to answer your questions at every stage. Whether pre-sales or after-sales.


Join WOTAIchem's Dealer Network

At WOTAIchem, we don’t just provide products. Most importantly, we offer solutions tailored to your needs. We take a hands-on approach by analyzing your project requirements. Focusing on resolving your technical challenges.


Our dedicated R&D team is always on standby to provide technical support wherever and whenever you need it. We believe in the power of knowledge sharing in every interaction with our customers.


Together, we’re on a journey of continuous learning and achievement in this industry. WOTAIchem is by your side every step of the way, working together to help your business grow and succeed.

Package and Volume Customization

Standard Packaging

T series products are available in 25kg/bag and 500kg/pallet. Customization volumes are available, with your own logo or designs.


Hit the button below and start the customization!

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Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

What's the difference between your T and W series?

Our W series has been in production and on the market for nearly 20 years in China and has been popular among customers due to its reliability and ability to meet the needs of most customers. 


Both products have the same molecular formula and composition from a chemical standpoint. However, our Premium series in the W series has better performance in terms of the following:



>Color bio-stability

>Water retention

>Heat resistance

>Higher concentration of active ingredients

These features can help you with a lower dosage for your applications. 


We recommend the Premium series for superior performance. If you have higher requirements, we suggest the T series.

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