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  • mhec-paint
  • hecm-cellulose-manufacturer
  • hec-powder-product
  • percast-concrete-chemical
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Precast Concrete Admixtures and Additives

WOTAIchem is a China-based construction chemical manufacturer. We’re experienced in high-performance concrete additives, backed by our parent company Yuanwang. We’ve set up five factories and one R&D center in China, with their investment.


Our additives are suitable for all types of dry mix materials. Super plasticizers improve workability and strength. Concrete fibers are created for enhanced durability. We also excel in producing cellulose ether and redispersible polymer powder. Ensuring superior water retention and bonding strength in precast applications.


-Get products directly from the factory to your country.
-Trust our reliable factories to handle any order size.
-Timely delivery to over 30 countries worldwide.
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Discover Our Precast Concrete Additives

3 Advantages of Precast Concrete Additives

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    Getting Things Done Faster

    Our concrete additives for precast make the curing process faster. The workflow is more efficient with these additives. Significantly reduces construction time.

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    High Quality Manufacturing

    We prioritize consistency in the manufacturing processes. Ensuring that each batch of additives meets international industry standards.

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    Reduce Water and Impact

    The WOTAIchem team loves our planet. We work in ways that don’t make a lot of waste, and we try to be kind to the environment.


R&D, Testing, Customization

WOTAIchem combines advanced research and excellent customer service to help you succeed. If you need to improve your concrete mix or have technical problems, our experts are here to help you at every step.


WOTAIchem looks at all the factors in your requirements and application. We create personalized solutions to improve performance, reduce cost, and increase efficiencies.


Our focus is on finding new and better ways through research and development. We do this by studying all the ingredients in the concrete mix. Our experts test new products and concrete mixes to make them work better and cost less.


Contact us today to find out how WOTAIchem can help improve your production processes and concrete products.

Elevate Your Construction Projects with WOTAIchem's Precast Concrete Additives.

Choose excellence and reliability with solid backing from Yuanwang Group!

Direct factory access. Global timely deliveries. Instant customer support.


Does precast concrete crack?

Precast concrete is usually very durable, and it doesn’t crack easily. However, they do crack sometimes. Based on the quality of raw materials, curing process, and also environmental conditions. Each and every factor can cause cracks formation if it’s not done properly. Anyway, proper design and maintenance are likely to minimize the cracks in precast concrete. The use of reinforcing materials such as fiber incorporation can also reduce cracks.

How long does precast concrete last?

Generally speaking, precast concrete last a very long time. It could exceed 50 to 100 years. The durability depends on the quality of raw materials, construction practices, and environmental impact.

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