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  • powder-coating-industry
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  • powder-coating-cellulose
  • powder-coating-application
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HPMC for Powder Coating

WOTAIchem provides you with powder coating additives, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose. HPMC is a popular binder and water retention agent for paints and coatings. It dissolves quickly, making it easy to mix into your paint recipes.


When you collaborate with WOTAIchem, we guarantee:


1. HPMC is directly shipped from the factory, cutting extra costs with a short lead time.

2. Our samples are the same quality as your orders. The test report is included.

3. We have a stable supply in the global market and deliver on time without delay.

4. We’re ISO-certified, making high-quality products for global customers.


At WOTAIchem, our HPMC is widely used in many areas. Wall putty, tile adhesive, self-leveling, and external wall insulation. Besides building materials, we also offer special grades in daily chemicals.

HPMC in Powder Coating: 6 Great Advantages

  • hpmc-for-tiling

    HPMC cellulose helps the powder coating stick well to the surfaces. It lasts longer without coming off.

  • hpmc-flexibility

    Adding HPMC to your powder coating can withstand different weather conditions. Without cracking or peeling.

  • easy-to-use

    HPMC makes powder coating easy to apply. Ensuring a smooth and even finish on all kinds of surfaces.

  • water-retention
    Retain Moisture

    HPMC retains enough moisture within the powder coatings. It prevents quick drying and allows for better curing.

  • minimize-dropping-off
    Minimize Drooping

    HPMC for powder coating reduces the chance of sagging or dripping off. Ensuring a more uniform look.

  • eco-friendly-material
    Eco Friendly Nature

    Powder coating used HPMC is sourced from nature, wood pulp, or fine cotton. It aligns with our sustainable practice.

HPMC Goes Beyond Powder Coating

  • water-based-paint
    Water Based Paint

    HPMC cellulose improves viscosity and keeps it stable.

  • latex-paints
    Latex Paints

    HPMC powder makes latex paint thicker and prevents sagging.

  • coating-texture
    Texture Coating

    HPMC in texture coating helps to create the texture you want.

  • smooth-wall-putty
    Exterior Wall Paints

    HPMC improves adhesion and resists water in different weather.

Get to Know Us Better – There's Much More to Discover.


We’re supported by the government and receive investments from the YuanWang Group, ensuring stable and reliable production.

ISO Certification

WOTAIchem holds an ISO international certificate. It shows our cellulose ether production quality is up to the global standard.

Experienced Team

A majority of our professional team has highly relevant industry experience. We promise to get back to you ASAP with all the knowledge we have.

Delivery Worldwide

We send out your orders straight away from our factory. Make sure your orders reach you ASAP without unnecessary delays, no matter where.

Reliable HPMC Production: Annual Capacity of 20,000MTs

WOTAIchem offers HPMC cellulose in 25kg bags, 500kg pallets, and 1MT pallets. We also provide you with customized volume.


We have an individual cellulose ether factory in Shandong, China. We ensure a reliable and consistent supply of top-quality products. with a strong commitment to meeting your diverse needs in the coatings industry. We ensure 20,000MTs yearly capacity for HPMC cellulose, and around 40,000MTs for other categories.


Visit WOTAIchem HPMC Factories in China

WOTAIchem is a professional HPMC manufacturer in China. We own five construction chemical factories. 3 of them are exclusively for cellulose ether production.


The WOTAIchem team sincerely invites you to come and visit our factories in China. We use modern tech and equipment to ensure the output of high-quality additives. We also use stringent testing protocols for viscosity, water content, and particle size.


WOTAIchem is committed to delivering HPMC products that exceed industry standards. Contact us today to schedule your first visit!

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Enhance your powder coating formula with WOTAIchem's HPMC cellulose ether!

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Why is HPMC used in powder coating?

Powder coating is a method of applying a protective and decorative finish to various surfaces. A fine powder of pigments and resins is sprayed onto the surface during the coating process. After heating, the powder melts and forms a smooth and uniform finish.


HPMC powder is an essential additive in powder coatings. It’s an effective binder that improves the adhesive power. HPMC also acts as a water-retention agent, ensuring the coating’s moisture level. It avoids drying too fast when you’re applying it.


HPMC dissolves quickly in water. Thus, it’s easy to mix well into the powder coating.

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