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Yuanwang is an experienced PP fiber manufacturer in the global concrete fiber market. We have built up a great reputation with exceptional quality and service throughout the years.


Quality matters to us at Yuanwang Group. We offer polypropylene fiber products with value-added services. You can choose the cutting length and related requirements, and we’ll meet your customized needs.


  • Fast and simple procedure. Ready to mix with concrete or mortar.
  • Improved flexural and tensile strength of concrete structures.
  • Low melting point. Resistant to cracking.
  • Strong acid and alkali resistance. Protect from erosion.

Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Polypropylene fiber is known as anti-cracking fiber. It’s sometimes also called synthetic fiber or polymer fiber. It’s a kind of plastic fiber commonly seen in mortar and concrete, enhancing strength and durability. It is tough and heat resistant, non-magnetic, and non-conductive. You can use it in temperatures ranging from 0 to 100° without any issues.

Product Overview

China PP Fiber supplier

Product Details

Material: 100% virgin polypropylene.

Threads: 30 million.

Types: Standard; Macro; Monofilament.

Length Options: 3-21mm. Support OEM options.

PP Fiber Price: Negotiable.

MOQ: 1000 kg.

Delivery: Straight from the factory.

Shipping: CFR, CIF, FOB, etc.

Application: Wall putty, plaster, precast, shotcrete, EIFS, concrete.

polypropylene concrete fiber

Highlights of Polypropylene Fibers

1. Easy to disperse in water.

2. Good Anti-aging properties.

3. Enhances concrete mix uniformity by reducing solid element movement.

4. Limits the flow of bleed water. aiding hydration and slowing the process.

5. Prevents shrinkage cracking by forming a strong network.

6. Substitutes for rebar and welded wire mesh in specific configurations.


Hot Selling Polypropylene Fiber Specification

Looking for PP fibers for concrete to strengthen your building materials? We’re here to assist you in choosing the right option. The standard length comes in 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm.


*For different lengths or specifications, please let us know. Our OEM service supports customization for any requirements.

3mm Length
Length 3mm
Tensile Strength 450Mpa
Elasticity% 40 – 100
Wear Resistance Good
Moisture Rate% 0 – 0.05
Melting Point 165
6mm Length
Length 6mm
Tensile Strength 450Mpa
Elasticity% 40 – 100
Wear Resistance Good
Moisture Rate% 0 – 0.05
Melting Point 165
9mm Length
Length 9mm
Tensile Strength 450Mpa
Elasticity% 40 – 100
Wear Resistance Good
Moisture Rate% 0 – 0.05
Melting Point 165

Polypropylene Fiber Packgaing and Sizes

Suitable for concrete and shotcrete, cement, and mortar. Keep cool and dry, and avoid direct sunlight or sources of ignition.


The standard packaging for PP fiber is 0.5-1kg/bag, 25kg/carton, and other customization packaging and sizes.

0.5~1kg/per Bag

Also available in 5 kg and custom volumes.

25kg/per Carton

Also available in 1 kg and custom volumes.

Customized Package

Also available in 1kg and 5kg which is standard. Other size also available.

Polypropylene Fiber Uses

Polypropylene fibers are frequently added to cement or concrete to enhance the toughness and crack resistance. With fiber reinforcement, the concrete becomes more durable than plain concrete.


Your Trusted Source for Polypropylene Fiber Supply

Yuanwang Group with a SOE background gives us access to superior land and tech resources. We manufacture PP fiber under strict quality control systems. You can rest assured of the consistency in every batch of our additive products.


We own stable supply chains to serve 30 countries worldwide. Once production is complete, we’ll ship your goods directly from our factory. The lead time is 7-14 days depending on the volume of your order. 


>Other recommend fibers for your construction: PET, PVA, PAN fiber, and more.


Flexible Payment Options for PP Fiber

Payment terms: LC, T/T, and OA.

As a government-backed organization with a secure cash flow, we offer convenient payment options for you.


Our Polypropylene prices are negotiable. For further details, please reach out to our sales specialists. Simply click the button right below to leave us a message!


Polypropylene Fiber for Concrete and Cement Mortar

Makes concrete mix stronger and longlasting.

Prevent cracking and shrinkage.

Commonly used in building bridges and pavements.

Reducing cracks and improving cohesion.

Ideal for plastering, masonry, and repair works.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Optimizing Concrete Mixtures with Polypropylene Fiber

Combining PP Fiber with Superplasticizer

Yuanwang PP fiber can be mixed into mortar or concrete right away. However, it should be mixed for at least 5 minutes at a high speed. A longer mixing period doesn’t impact the distribution or other properties of the fibers.


*If you wish to improve the workability of your concrete mixture, it’s recommended to add superplasticizers.

Get A Free Sample Right Now!

Request your complimentary polypropylene fiber samples now and discover its superior performance in construction projects!


Professional Polypropylene Fiber Factory

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Have any questions? We are always here to help you.

What is polypropylene fiber?

Polypropylene fibre is a linear polymer man-made fibre obtained by the polymerisation of propylene. It is light in weight, but strong and tough, and above all resistant to erosion. It is a very popular substance used in construction.

What are the benefits of polypropylene fibers in concrete?
Polypropylene fiber is a relatively cheap building material, with high resistance to moisture. It has unique characteristics, it is now one of the most popular building materials. As concrete reinforcement to be precise.
There are many benefits to polypropylene fiber uses, such as versatility and good value for money, and compatibility in most technical processes. Low weight and low cost, fewer amounts are required.
Why is polypropylene fiber a good material?

Polypropylene fibre is a linear polymer man-made fibre obtained by the polymerisation of propylene. It is light in weight, but strong and tough, and above all resistant to erosion. It is a very popular substance used in construction.

Is polypropylene a natural fiber?

No. They are synthetic fibres with unique properties. In fact they are the lightest synthetic fibres. They are even lighter than water. 34% more luminous than polymers too. But it doesn’t detract from the fact that they are great building materials, especially for concrete.

What are polypropylene fiber advantages?

Polypropylene fibre is a relatively inexpensive building material with a high level of moisture resistance. It has unique properties and is now one of the most popular building materials. Concrete reinforcement to be precise. The use of polypropylene fibre has many benefits, such as versatility and value for money, as well as compatibility with most technical processes. Lightweight, low cost and low quantities required. In addition to this, PPF remains stable at high temperatures. There is also a moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Is polypropylene safe?

Polypropylene is the safest plastic with heat resistance. It is approved for food and beverage storage.

How durable is polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene fibre has high strength, good durability and low price. It is widely used in cement and concrete to prevent cracks and increase ductility.

Is polypropylene fiber glass?

Polypropylene powder is different from glass fibre. It is a thermoplastic resin manufactured by the polymerisation of propylene.

What are the most important parameters for PP fiber?
There are two most crucial parameters for PPF:
1. Tensile Strength: A high tensile strength of 670 ensures the durability and structural integrity of the PP fiber, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


2. Moisture Content: Customers are concerned about moisture content, which ideally falls within the range of 1-2%. This ensures that the PP fiber remains in optimal condition during transportation and storage.
These parameters collectively guarantee the reliability and performance of our PP fiber products, meeting the expectations and requirements of our valued customers.
What role does Polypropylene Fiber play in concrete mortar and what is the best form of distribution for its effectiveness?
Polypropylene Fiber’s effectiveness in concrete mortar relies on even, random distribution. This obstructs crack propagation, absorbing energy. Treating fibers with surfactants ensures uniform dispersion. External pressure further enhances construction results.
What is the polypropylene fiber manufacturing process?
The manufacturing process of polypropylene fibers involves several steps. First, polypropylene resin is melted and extruded to create fine fibers. These fibers are then stretched and cooled to enhance their strength. After that, they may undergo treatments like crimping or bundling, depending on the intended application.
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