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PCE for Concrete

WOTAIchem is a reputable manufacturer of PCE superplasticizer in concrete. We offer high-quality polycarboxylate superplasticizer powder with OEM solution to cater to your different concrete project requirements.


Our PCE for concrete serves as an essential additive for concrete admixture. They can boast outstanding workability and mechanical properties for your concrete performance.


Moreover, our PCE powder also enjoys widespread application in self-leveling and mortar projects.


PCE for Concrete Specifications

BULK DENSITY(g/L) 500-700

WOTAIchem PCE - Best Superplasticizer For Concrete

PCE for Concrete

Improved Workability

WOTAIchem’s concrete superplasticizer additive revolutionizes your concrete handling. They’re engineered to reduce water requirements while maintaining the desired flow. Making them ideal for intricate designs and constrained spaces.


With our PCE solutions, you’ll experience smoother pours and reduced physical strain during placement. Our PCE can enhance workability and productivity for your project’s performance. And it’s highly used in complex architecture or congested construction sites.

PCE for Concrete

Strength & Durability

WOTAIchem’s PCE based admixtures can achieve a lower water-cement ratio, creating a denser mix with exceptional strength and durability.


The commitment to quality and durability sets us apart in the construction industry. Our PCE for concrete is engineered to provide longevity, ensuring concrete structures. Whether bridges, buildings, or marine installations remain resilient in the face of harsh conditions.

PCE for Concrete

Eco-Friendly Choice

We significantly lower the carbon footprint of your projects. When you choose WOTAIchem, you’re not just building but building responsibly.


As one of the leading superplasticizer suppliers in China, WOTAIchem prioritizes sustainability in every aspect of our business. Our PCE admixtures play a crucial role in reducing environmental impact. By reducing the water use, they cut energy during mixing and curing.


Plus, they optimize eco-friendly materials like fly ash and slag, all for sustainability.

3 PCE Superplasticizer Uses in Different Concrete Types

  • high-strength-concrete
    High-Strength Concrete
    PCE superplasticizers are vital for making super-strong concrete. They help reduce water use while keeping concrete workable. Finally, it resulted in incredibly strong structures for tall buildings and bridge projects.
  • self-leveling-concrete
    Self-Leveling Concrete
    PCE superplasticizers create self-leveling concrete(SLC) that spreads evenly without vibration. It can enhance the fluidity and performance of your concrete. Perfect for complex designs or tight spaces construction.
  • ready-mix-concrete
    Ready-Mix Concrete
    WOTAIchem PCE powder is added to ready-mix concrete to reduce water content while maintaining the desired consistency. This characteristic ensures the concrete remains workable during transportation and placement.

Your Source for Sustainable Concrete Solutions

  • sustainable-additives
    Sustainable Act.
    Our concrete additive solutions prioritize environmental responsibility. Ensuring your projects align seamlessly with eco-friendly practices. When you choose us, you’re choosing concrete solutions that are as green as they are effective.
  • oem-supplier-additives
    OEM Support
    WOTAIchem state-of-the-art labs and dedicated R&D team work tirelessly to create customized concrete solutions tailored to your unique requirements. With WOTAIchem, you’re partnering with pioneers in concrete technology.
  • wotaichem-supply-chain
    Stable Supply Chain
    With a substantial total capacity of 80,000 metric tons and an additional 40,000 metric tons of unreleased capacity, we guarantee a consistent supply of high-quality concrete solutions.

How much superplasticizer to add to concrete?

Superplasticizer admixtures are used at higher doses compared to regular plasticizers. The typical superplasticizer dosage in concrete ranges from 1 – 3 liters per cubic meter of concrete.

However, please note that the exact amount may vary based on factors. For example, the type of superplasticizer, mix design, and project requirements. You can consult WOTAIchem for a more accurate OEM concrete additive solution.


What are the 4 most common types of chemical admixture added to the concrete?

Chemical admixtures used in concrete can be categorized into four primary types: accelerators, retarders, water reducers/superplasticizers, and air-entraining admixtures. These admixtures serve various purposes, such as speeding up or slowing down the concrete setting time. They can enhance workability and improve durability.


However, using them judiciously is essential, as incorrect quantities can affect concrete performance differently. Contact WOTAIchem team would be a great choice for your high-quality construction additive solutions.

What is the impact of chloride ions on concrete?

Chloride ions can have several adverse effects on concrete:


1. Corrosion of Reinforcement. When chloride ion levels exceed permissible limits. They can lead to the corrosion of steel reinforcement within the concrete. This corrosion can compromise the structural integrity and quality of the concrete.


2. Reduced Strength and Durability. Excessive chloride ion content can reduce the strength and durability of concrete. This is due to the corrosive action of chloride ions on embedded steel reinforcement.


3. Impact on Longevity. Chloride ions have been the focus of research due to their destructive effects. When chloride ions initiate corrosion of the steel reinforcement, concrete structures can deteriorate rapidly. Leading to catastrophic consequences.


It is vital to adhere to standards for chloride ion content. These standards prohibit the excessive use of chloride-based additives in concrete mixtures. Especially in structures exposed to high humidity or in prestressed concrete applications.


Additionally, reinforcement bars must be protected against corrosion. Efforts should be made to produce high-density concrete. These measures help safeguard concrete structures against the detrimental impact of chloride ions.

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