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PCE Powder for Dry Mix Mortar

WOTAIchem is a leading supplier of polycarboxylate superplasticizers for dry mix mortar.


PCE is an effective mortar plasticizer additive. It plays a crucial role in reducing water content. It contributes to crack-resistant mortar. PCE polymer enhances mortar fluidity. It can also improve the flow of self-leveling mortar. You may find our PCE plasticizer in various tasks. For example, tile adhesives, grouting, and plastering mortar.


WOTAIchem offers reliable mortar additive solutions to support sustainability. We manufacture PCE powders under strict quality control systems. All of them meet international quality standards.


  • Low slump loss.
  • High water reduction for cement based applications.
  • Enhance mortar strength.
  • High dispersion and fluidity.

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer for Dry Mix Mortar Specifications

BULK DENSITY(g/L) 500-700

WOTAIchem PCE - Maximizing Your Dry Mix Mortar Solution

PCE for Dry mix mortar

Effortless Workability

PCE based admixture formulations significantly boost the performance of dry ready mix mortar. They excel at reducing water requirements, improving workability, and enhancing the flow properties of the mortar mix.


As a result, polycarboxylate based superplasticizer makes it easier to work with and ensures a more robust final product.

PCE for Dry mix mortar

Assurance for Crack-Resistant Mortar

WOTAIchem PCE powder contributes to dry-ready mix mortar’s long-term strength and durability. The PCE admixture can increase the mortar’s compressive strength and reduce the risk of cracking during curing.


Ultimately leading to more durable and reliable construction performance for your projects.


Top 6 Applications of PCE in Different Mortar Types

  • general-mortar
    General Purpose Mortar
    PCE based admixtures can enhance the performance of standard dry mix mortars used in a wide range of construction applications.
  • repair-mortar
    Repair Mortar
    WOTAIchem PCE superplasticizers can improve repair mortars, which fix damaged or deteriorated concrete surfaces.
  • tile-adhesive-mortar
    Tile Adhesive Mortar
    PCE-based admixtures are valuable for tile adhesive mortars. Finally, it ensures strong adhesion and workability for tiling applications.
  • plastering-mortar
    Plastering Mortar
    WOTAIchem PCE powder can be used in gypsum plastering mortars, providing better workability and adhesion for wall and ceiling finishing.
  • self-leveling-mortar
    Self-Leveling Mortar
    PCE-based admixtures are crucial for self-leveling mortars that create smooth and level surfaces, especially in flooring applications.
  • masonry-mortar
    Masonry Mortar
    Adding PCE powder can enhance the properties of masonry mortars, improving their bond strength for bricklaying and other masonry projects.
  • Joint Filler

    PCE superplasticizer improves the workability of the joint filler mixture. It helps your joint filler easier to mix and apply.

Learn More about WOTAIchem Supports

Your Trusted Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Powder Manufacturer

WOTAIchem has more than 20 years of experience manufacturing PCE super plasticizers. Our team consists of experienced industry experts. They will offer you tailored solutions with formulations. We also provide technical guidance and support when you need it.


WOTAIchem is equipped with an efficient global supply chain. We have established stable cooperation with customers from over 30 countries worldwide. Join our dealer group today and unlock exclusive benefits! Enjoy special policies and pricing tailored just for you.


Other recommended mortar additives: HPMC, MHEC, defoamer, and more.


Try WOTAIchem PCE Samples for Free Today!

Request your free PCE powder for a mortar sample now and elevate your construction game!


How to mix cement plaster mortar?
What is the recommended dosage of PCE superplasticizer in dry mix mortar formulations?

The recommended dosage of PCE superplasticizer in dry mix mortar ranges from 0.1% to 0.5% of the total dry weight of cementitious materials. But, the specific dosage may vary depending on different factors. We recommend conducting trials and tests to determine the optimal dosage for each application.


For expert advice and consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of specialists. We’re here to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have.

How long does sand and cement take to dry?
The drying time of sand and cement can vary based on several factors. Including weather conditions, humidity levels, and the thickness of the mixture. In general, a thin layer of sand and cement mix may dry to the touch within 24 hours.
However, it can take several days or even weeks to completely cure and achieve its maximum strength. For accurate drying times, it’s advisable to consult WOTAIchem team for fruther recommendations and consider environmental factors.
What is the difference between dry mix and ready mix mortar?

Dry mix and ready mix are mortar two distinct types of construction materials. The main difference is dry mix requires on-site water addition and allows for customization. In contrast, ready mix is pre-mixed and arrives at the construction site ready for use. The choice between them depends on project requirements and convenience.


Dry mix typically refers to pre-packaged mixtures of cement, sand, and sometimes additives that require the addition of water on-site. It offers flexibility in adjusting the water content to achieve the desired consistency.


On the other hand, ready mix, often referred to as ready-mix concrete, is a pre-mixed and delivered concrete mixture that is ready for immediate use upon delivery. It’s a convenient option when precise proportions and consistent quality are essential.

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