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  • hec-powder-china
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Oilfiled Chemical Manufacturer

WOTAIchem is a leading oilfield chemical manufacturer in China. We offer various high-quality chemicals for oil and gas industry.


We are one of the most reliable oilfield chemicals companies in the market. Our products enable you to maximize value in oilfield operations. We manufacture them under strict quality control systems. All meet triple ISO standards.


WOTAIchem keeps providing oilfield chemical solutions for you. Our experts will offer formula support on various tasks.


Our oilfield chemical products are suitable in:

  • Oil drilling. Maintain wellbore stability and minimize formation damage.
  • Oil well cementing. Enhance the cement slurry performance.
  • Oil production. Boost oil production, separation, and purification in various situations.

Superior Oilfield Chemicals for Enhanced Well Productivity

Our oilfield chemicals line consists of two brands. WOTAIchem for cellulose ethers. Yuanwang for the other additives used in oil production.


Our labs keep developing oilfield production chemicals. We use our expertise to solve the challenges of the oil industry. Our primary objective is to provide cost-effective oilfield chemical products that enhance your competitive edge.


Here is the main oilfield chemicals list:

> Cellulose ethers.

> Antifoaming agent.

> Sodium formate.



Oilfield Cementing Chemicals-Enhance Fluid Stability

WOTAIchem HEC-TE10W is a key for oil well cementing additives. It can maintain zonal isolation in the cementing process. Our HEC also acts as a fluid-loss control additive. It prevents excessive loss of fluid formation.

Hot Selling Oilfield Drilling Chemicals

We offer various oil drilling additives for your drilling process. Our drilling fluid additives include three products. They are HEC cellulose at 300 viscosity, sodium formate, and PAC.


We are a professional China oil field drilling defoamer additives factory. Our antifoaming agents can also be added to the drilling fluid formula. It can assist in controlling foam formation. As a result, it improves drilling efficiency and performance.

  • antifoaming-agent-manufacturer
    Application Oil Drilling
    Appearance White to offwhite powder
    Dosage 0.3-0.5‰
  • hec-powder-manufacturer
    Application Oil Drilling
    Appearance White to offwhite powder
    Viscosity 300
  • pac-cellulose
    PAC Cellulose
    Application Oil Drilling
    Moisture% ≤10
    Viscosity High and Low
  • sodium-formate
    Sodium Formate
    Application Oil Drilling
    OEM Available
    Grade Standard and premium

Our Oilfield Chemicals Serves In

Sustainable Oilfield Chemicals Solution

WOTAIchem is one of the leading oilfield chemical suppliers in China. We understand the importance of ESG strategy. We aim to use eco-friendly materials in our production. This helps make your petroleum projects more sustainable.


WOTAIchem has over 20 years of global experience in oilfield chemicals. We use efficient additive solutions sourced from integrated supply chains. Our dedicated customer support ensures your orders are delivered swiftly.


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Experience the Power of Our Oilfield Chemicals

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Our Advantages for Oilfield Additives Supply

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OEM Solution
Short Lead Time
ESG Strategy
Supply Chain
Dealer Supports


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What are oilfield chemicals?

Oilfield chemicals are additives used in the oil and gas industry. They can improve various processes in oil manufacturing projects. For example, drilling, production, and well maintenance.


The oilfield chemicals can help you achieve benefits as follows:

> Enhance oil recovery.

> Prevent corrosion.

> Controll scale formation.

> Stabilize drilling fluids.


Here is the top 5 list of chemicals used in the oil and gas industry:


1. Surfactants.

2. Defoamers

3. Cellulose ethers.

4. Sodium formate.

5. Ethanol.

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