Oil Well Cementing Additives

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  • hec-powder-china
  • hydroxyethyl-cellulose
  • defoamer-supplier
  • antifoam-powder
  • cellulose-ether
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Oil Well Cementing Additives Manufacturer

WOTAIchem is one of the leading oilfield chemicals manufacturers in the market. Our oilfield cementing chemicals are added to the drilling cement slurry. They can optimize oil well cement properties for different uses.


Our hot-selling oil well cementing additives include:

1. HEC cellulose.

2. Antifoaming agents.


Our factories also support large volume orders. We manufacture them in strict processes. Each batch of products and samples maintains stable quality. All meet international quality standards.


To date, our partners in the oil drilling field have spread across more than 30 countries worldwide.


  • Easier placement of the slurry into the wellbore.
  • Prevent segregation or settling of solids.
  • Effective in various cement classes and slurry compositions.

Top 3 Benefits of Oil Well Cement Additives

Bringing better results to your cementing projects is one of our primary goals.
WOTAIchem additives for oil well cementing chemicals undergo many quality tests. We are a reliable supplier of additives in the petroleum refining industry. Our R&D efforts enhance the quality of our products. We keep making your oil well cementing additives more excellent in various formulations.

WOTAIchem cementing additives can improve the rheological properties of cement slurries. They ensure better fluid control during the oil well cementing process.


Provide better zonal isolation and casing support. Our additives help prevent gas or fluid migration between formations. Excellent in different cementing applications.


Our deformer can eliminate foam during cement mixing and pumping operations. Helping you increase efficiency within time. As a result, reduces the final cost for your projects.

Oil Well Cementing Fluid Loss Control Additives

Hydroxyethyl cellulose is one of the key fluid loss additives drilling mud for oil drilling projects. It also helps in controlling the thickening time of the cement slurry. It can ensure adequate time for placement. At the same time, it facilitates the timely setting and hardening of cement. This leads to improved well integrity and zonal isolation.


Our HEC-TE10w is one of the most recommended drilling mud additives for oil well  cementing tasks. It contributes to safer and more reliable well construction and completion. If you need more grades, please get in touch with our team for more customization services.



TE10W-HEC Powder for Oil Well Cementing Specs


Oil Well Cementing Additives-Antifoaming Agent

Yuanwang is one of the leading China oilfield chemicals cementing defoamers factories. Our brand focuses on the production and research of building additive agents.


Our main products include:
1. Calcium formate.
2. Sodium formate.
3. Defoamers.
4. Concrete fibers.


Our defoamer mitigates foam formation during the mixing and pumping of cement slurries. It can control excessive foam and ensure proper distribution in the cementing process.

  • hydroxy-ethyl-cellulose
    Application Oil Well Cementing
    Appearance White to offwhite powder
    Dosage 0.3-0.5‰
  • oem-powder
    OEM Grade
    Application Oil Porduction
    Appearance White or slightly yellowish
    Grade Tailored

WOTAIchem OEM Oilfield Cementing Solutions

WOTAIchem is always trying to provide the best solution for you. We offer you cementing additives OEM solutions. Our experts will provide support in cement slurry ratio and different formulas. Offering better tech and chemical solutions for your oil well cement uses.


WOTAIchem is a professional additive supplier for construction chemicals. We also provide different types of cement additives for different industries.

> Other recommended cement additives: HPMC, HEMC, RDP powders, and more.


WOTAIchem also supports various payment and delivery methods for your cementing additives. Contact us now for more info about your concerns!


Get Your Free Samples!

Contact us today to request your free samples and see the difference WOTAIchem additives can make in your cementing projects!


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Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

What is drilling slurry made of?

Drilling slurry is also known as drilling mud. It is made of water or a base fluid mixed with various additives. For example, bentonite clay, polymers and barite. The bentonite clay enhances viscosity and lubrication. Polymers improve suspension properties and reduce fluid loss. The weighting agents can increase density for better stability.


Other additives are also added to the formula. For example, biocides, surfactants, and pH adjusters. The chemicals may vary based on specific drilling conditions and environmental considerations.

What is the function of slurry in drilled shaft construction?

Slurry serves many functions in drilled shaft construction. Slurry is a lubricant agent and coolant in drilling. It can reduce friction between the drill bit and the surrounding soil or rock.


The cement slurry helps stabilize the borehole walls. This feature helps in preventing collapse or caving during drilling. It can also carry excavated material to the surface. And provides support to the shaft walls until casing or concrete is placed. Ensuring the integrity of the drilled shaft.

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