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China MHEC-Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Supplier

Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose is also known as MHEC. It is a non-ionic cellulose ether. MHEC cellulose can extend the setting time of cement mortars. It increases bonding and tensile strength by ensuring cement is fully hydrated.


WOTAIchem is one of the professional methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose manufacturers in China. Our MHEC powders offer remarkable water retention, thickening and workability.

  • MHEC Powder Price: Negotiable.
  • Free Samples: Available.
  • Support: Team-based VIP service.
  • Payment: T/T, LC, OA.
  • Shipping: CIF, FOB, CFR, etc.
  • Delivery: Straight from the factory.

Product Details

MHEC-methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose factory

Product Overview

Brand: WOTAIchem.

Appearance: White or off-white powder.

Function: Adhesive, thickener, stabilizer, emulsifier additive.

pH Value: 6-8.

Viscosity: 40-100,000 mPa.s.

Grades: Standard, pure, modified.

Other Grades: Support OEM options.

MOQ: 1000 kg.

Methyl ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose

Top 5 Highlights of MHEC Powder

1. High Water Retention. Maintains excellent water retention even at high temperatures.

2. Excellent Thicking Effect. Provides stronger adhesion between different materials.

3. Good Open Time. WOTAIchem MHEC powder has good mold resistance. This key feature can maintain viscosity stability during long-term storage.

4. Cold-water Solubility. Lower viscosity leads to greater solubility.

5. Workability. Easy to use. Providing better construction performance.

Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Uses

MHEC Powder Uses

Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose finds use in diverse construction tasks. It is mainly used in the dry mix mortar formula.


90% of our MHEC powder is used in projects as follows:
Tile Adhesives.

Wall Putty.


Joint Filler.

EIFS System.

Self-leveling Mortar.

Masonry Mortar.

Swift and Flexible MHEC Powder Supply

Package and Delivery

Package: Multi-layer paper bag with PE-lined inner. Strapped and wrapped pallets.

Size: 25kg/bag; 500-600 kg/pallet.

Container Capacity:

> 20 ft container: 10-14 Mts.

> 40 ft container: 22-27 Mts.


Shipping Coverage: Global.

Sample Shipping: FedEx or DHL.

Delivery Time: 7-14 days. Specific arrival time may vary depending on your location.


MHEC for Wall Putty/Skim Coat

  • cellulose-ethers

    Type: Cost-effective.


    Good Strength.

    Better durability.

  • cellulose-ethers-manufacturer

    Type: Cost-effective.


    Good workability.

    Better strength.

  • cellulose-ethers-distributor

    Type: Premium.



    Excellent open time.

  • mhec-chemical-supplier

    Type: High performance.


    Extended open time.

    Excellent Workability.

  • mhec-chemical-factory

    Type: Standard.


    Excellent workability.

    Smoothness on the surface.

MHEC for Tile Adhesives

  • mhec-cellulose-factory

    Type: Premium.



    Excellent open time.

  • mhec-cellulose-manufacturer

    Type: High Performance.


    Extended open time.

    Excellent slip resistance.

  • mhec-cellulose-china

    Type: Standard.


    Superior overall performance.

    Perfect slip resistance.

  • mhec-additives

    Type: Cost-Effective.


    Adhesion strength.

    Good workability.

Stable Supply for MHEC Chemicals

>> Abundant Annual Capacity

WOTAIchem owns three cellulose factories in Taian and Dezhou City, Shandong Province. Our annual production of cellulose ethers exceeds 70,000 metric tons. Therefore, we can assure a large-volume supply of methyl 2 hydroxyethyl cellulose.


>> Strict Quality Control

WOTAIchem uses DSC and SIS systems to monitor the whole MHEC powder manufacturing process. We guarantee consistent quality for each batch of goods.


Construction Grade Cellulose Product Solution

>> Various Cellulose Ether Products

WOTAIchem is one of the famous methyl cellulose manufacturers in China. We have been manufacturing MHEC powders and other cellulose ethers for over 20 years.

– Other products: HPMC, HEC, CMC, etc.


>> OEM Formula Support

WOTAIchem’s team of experts has more than 15 years of industry experience. We offer customized hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose for various uses. At the same time, we will also provide optimized formulas with guidance.


What are the differences between WOTAIchem MHEC categories?

WOTAIchem provides various MHEC products for different uses. We offer different series of Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose to cater to price preferences:


1. Cost-effective (W Series)

This cellulose ether series belongs to our W series. It is budget-friendly and ideal for standard construction needs. If you’re looking to save costs without compromising on performance, choose the W series MHEC.


2. Premium (T Series)

The T series cellulose ethers are made from high-quality materials. Offering exceptional performance despite a slightly higher price. For superior construction results, opt for the Premium series MHEC.


3. OEM Grades

WOTAIchem also provides custom MHEC powder services. We can tailor products to your specific requirements and scenarios. For more details on options, please contact us!

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