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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Factory in China

WOTAIchem is a professional manufacturer of Hydroxyethyl Cellulose powder in China. We own 2 factories in Shandong province, one in Dezhou and another in Tai’an. Both have been supporting worldwide partners with quality HEC products for over a decade.


Tai’an HEC Factory: Specializes in producing and distributing cellulose ether only. Various grades of HEC, HPMC, and HEMC.


Dezhou HEC Factory: Mainly concentrates on manufacturing cellulose ether and polymer powder.


Our HEC product excels in every respective field. Buildings, coatings, and daily chemicals.

Factory-Made HEC with Tech Support and Direct Shipping

At WOTAIchem, our hydroxyethyl cellulose powder comes in different thickness options. They can be used for various purposes. We can adjust the formulas to suit your real-life applications. Additionally, our efficient production process ensures a short lead time for you.


Please share your preferred viscosity range or needs with us now; let us handle the rest for you! We assist you with an entire solution instead of a single formula. Trust our professionalism today to help you achieve more!

HEC Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Product Overview


Product Information

Appearance: White to off-white powder.

Characteristics: Odorless and soluble in water.

Hydroxyethyl cellulose formula: C6H12O7.

Hydroxyethylcellulose price: Negotiable.

Packaging: 25kg/bag, 500kg/pallet. *Packaging can be customized.

Major applications: Water-based paint, building admixtures, daily chemicals, and oilfields.

Lead time: 7-14 days.

Payment: T/T, LC, etc.

HEC Paint & Coating

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose for paints

Available grades: HEC-TE3W, HEC-TE5W.

Moisture content: ≤5%.

PH value: 6-8.

Best application: water-based coating.

Benefits: Good color development and color stability. Easy application and smooth spreading. Good transparency. Uniform coverage. Sag resistance.

HEC Oilfield Industry

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose for Oilfield Industry

Available grades: HEC-TE10W.

Moisture content: ≤5%.

PH value: 6-8.

Formula modification: Support.

Benefits: Control fluid viscosity, well-bore stabilizer.

HEC Household

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose for Household Products

Available grades: HEC-TE10W, TE15W.

Moisture content: ≤5%.

PH value: 6-8.

Best application: household and personal care products.

Benefits: Even distribution and dispersing agent, effective thickener, extend shelf life.

7 Reasons

Why Our HEC is Better

Full range of products.

High purity.

Stable Viscosity.

Enzyme-resistant Type.

Good Color development.

Excellent Transparency.

Long-time storage stability.

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Packaging


Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Quality Assurance

>Raw Material Selection. We check the raw materials to make sure they’re good quality and pure from the start.


>Production Process. We monitor temperature, pressure, and other factors. Observe if there are any deviations. Fix it immediately.


>Quality Control System. We test particle size, viscosity, dissolve rate and speed, etc.


>Documentation and Tracking. Every batch is indicated with a batch number, allowing for traceability. Along with product specification and test reports. Everything is clear and transparent.

Choose Reliable Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Manufacturer

WOTAIchem is invested by a state-owned organization: Yuanwang group.


We follow strict quality standards set by ISO 9001. We ensure that every batch leaving our factory is top quality.


We accept various payment methods, such as TT and LC, and we’re flexible with your preferred method.


We have shorter manufacturing times, typically 7-14 working days, depending on order volume.


We offer technical assistance. Ensure formula success and consistent results!


Get FREE Sample for Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

WOTAIchem is your trusted supplier for all grades of hydroxyethyl cellulose products. We can always send you a FREE sample first by FedEx or DHL. Feel free to test it to ensure it meets your needs.


Our technical support team will assist you in making adjustments or modifications to meet your requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HEC viscosity reduce over time?

Although the initial setting of all HEC products on the market is generally similar. But, after 4 weeks, some may experience a significant decrease in viscosity.


After repeated tests and comparison, our HEC demonstrates only a minor decrease. It’s still the top performer compared to other brands, both local and international.


The viscosity reduces slightly over time, it’s normal for anti-enzyme type HEC. Usually for paints and coatings. Yet, other properties remain unaffected. They have excellent anti-separation layers and scrub resistance. Also have good pigment dispersion and water resistance.

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