HPMC for Paints and Coatings

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HPMC for Paints and Coatings

Water-based paint is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional solvent-based paints. It has lower levels of VOCs. It can dry quickly and is easy to clean up. HPMC cellulose is a non-toxic powder. It can dissolve fast in cold water. It is a thickener, dispersant, and stabilizer in paint formulas.


WOTAIchem is your trusted hydroxypropyl methylcellulose supplier in China. We manufacture HPMC powders under strict quality control systems. Our HPMC chemicals can be added to various paint formulas. For example, water-based paints and paint remover.


Top 5 Uses of HPMC for Paint Formulations

Latex Paints
HPMC powder is often used in water-based latex paints to improve viscosity and stability.
Emulsion Paints
HPMC for paints can modify rheology and improve thickening characteristics in the formula.
Texture Coatings
HPMC polymer helps in achieving the desired texture and consistency of the paints.
Waterborne Coatings
Our HPMC powder is valuable in maintaining stable viscosity and preventing sagging.
Masonry Paints
HPMC can be incorporated into masonry paints to provide better adhesion and texture.

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Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose for Water-Based Paint

Model HPMC-160KS
Application Paints&Coatings
Type Surface treated
Viscosity time >15min

Top 4 Benefits of Adding HPMC for Paints& Coating

1. HPMC powder can help you extend the paint’s shelf life by preventing solid precipitation.


2. High biological stability. It can be compatible with other paints formula ingredients.


3. Rapid dissolution without lumps. HPMC aids in simplifying the mixing process. It can give you a quicker and more convenient mixing without clumping.


4. Generates favorable flow properties. Ensuring superior surface smoothness and preventing paint sagging.


5. Increases the viscosity of paint strippers. Preventing them from running off the surface of the workpiece.



WOTAIchem OEM HPMC Cellulose Solution

WOTAIchem supports HPMC OEM solutions. We offer various types of HPMC powders. For example, surface-treated HPMC, unsurface-treated HPMC, and custom-grade HPMC.


WOTAIchem HPMC comes in W-series and T-series. The W-series represents our standard HPMC type. They are designed for general construction projects. It helps achieve satisfactory performance in typical paint applications.


The T-series has better performance than the W series. They are designed to meet the demanding requirements. Finally, providing you with superior performance.


Trust WOTAIchem for Stable HPMC Supply

WOTAIchem is an HPMC supplier with over 20 years of production experience.


We have an exclusive production bases and state-of-the-art labs in Shandong province. Our annual production capacity for cellulose ethers exceeds 70,000 MTs. We ensure stable quality for each batch that meets international standards.


> Other recommended paint additives: MHEC, HEC cellulose, RDP, deformer, super-plasticizers, and more.



WOTAIchem Support You In Every Steps

HPMC for Paints Grade Packaging and Volumes

HPMC Standard Packaging

Available in 25kg/bag, 500kg/pallet, and 1MT/pallet.


Packed in multiple layers of a paper bag with a PE liner.


Customization service: grade, volume, logo, packaging, and more.

Elevate Your Paint Formulations!

Request your FREE HPMC sample now! Experience superior performance when adding our HPMC to your paint formulations.



Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

What is the role of HPMC in coating?

HPMC is also called Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose. It plays a crucial role in coatings as a versatile additive. As a critical component in the coating industry, HPMC contributes to the development of paints with improved texture, coverage, and efficacy. Its primary functions include enhancing viscosity, improving water retention, and providing good abrasion resistance.


Other roles of HPMC in paints and coatings:


1. HPMC acts as a thickener and stabilizer in coating formulations. Contributing to the consistency and workability of paint.

2. Promotes adhesion to various surfaces.

3. Extended open time.

4. Preventing sagging or dripping during application.

5. The use of HPMC in coatings is particularly beneficial due to its compatibility with a wide range of formulation components.

Could we use Linkwor, HPMC -02X (Non surface treated HPMC) for coating and painting?

Unfortunately, Linkwor HPMC-02X cannot be used for coating and painting applications. It is not surface-treated HPMC. We recommend using WOTAIchem HPMC160KS for coating applications. We also support OEM cellulose ethers to meet your specific needs. HEC is also recommended for your paint formula.

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