HPMC for Hand Wash

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Hand Wash with HPMC Additive

WOTAIchem HPMC powder is a colorless and tasteless substance made from natural cellulose. HPMC powder is white to off-white color and dissolves quickly in water. It’s used as a thickener, adhesive, dispersant, emulsifier, film formation agent, suspending agent, and protective colloid.


Detergent grade HPMC is specially formulated for use in hand wash products.


-Excellent dispersion in cold water.


-HPMC demonstrates a strong thickening effect.


-HPMC is safe for use and non-toxic.


-HPMC has a high light transmission.


-Good compatibility and system stability.


-HPMC exhibits good compatibility with other substances. And contributes to overall system stability.

Hand Wash Grade Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

WOTAIchem offers two series of HPMC cellulose products: the W series and the T series. If you are looking for a more affordable option with cost-effectiveness, the W series is your first choice. However, if you are seeking premium quality and the best performance, the T series is the perfect option.


*For any more customized formulas, please reach out to us for R&D support.

Hand Wah Grade HPMC Specifications

Surface Treated for Waer-based System


The major application of TP160KS is in paint, coatings, and hand wash.

Appearance: white to slightly off-white powder substance.

Moisture content: ≤5%.

PH value: 6-8.

Other Applications of HPMC Cellulose Powder


WOTAIchem HPMC enhances the consistency and workability of wall putty. It improves adhesion and durability.


HPMC is an essential thickening and binding agent. Ensuring proper adhesion of tiles to surfaces.


WOTAIchem HPMC in self-leveling compounds improves the flow properties and stability. Achieve an even surface.


HPMC cellulose acts as a rheology modifier. Enhancing the workability and consistency of dry mix mortars.


HPMC enhances the texture and workability of plaster. It contributes to better adhesion and reduces sagging.


HPMC maintains the stability of external insulation systems. Ensuring proper adhesion and durability.


In tile grout, HPMC ensures proper filling and adhesion between tiles. It contributes to improved consistency.


HPMC is used in detergent for its thickening properties. It helps maintain the desired consistency of the detergent.


HPMC acts as a binder and rheology modifier, contributing to the shaping and forming of ceramic products.

WOTAIchem Hand Wash Additives OEM Solutions

WOTAIchem acquires support from SOE group investment. We have strong strengths in finance and tech innovation.


Our team comprises experts with years of experience in construction additives. They are dedicated to providing you with customized guidance on chemical formulas for liquid hand soap products.


Besides Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC), we also offer HEC cellulose at the daily chemical grade. If you have further requirements or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us!


HPMC Cellulose Packaging and Volumes

HPMC Cellulose Standard Packaging

Available in 25kg/bag, 500kg/pallet, and 1MT/pallet.

Packed in multiple layers of a paper bag with a PE liner.

Customization service: volume, logo, and packaging.

Improve Your Hand Wash Formulation with Our HPMC!

Discover how Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) can make your hand wash better. Try free samples today!


Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

What are the different grades of HPMC?
WOTAIchem is a professional HPMC cellulose ether manufacturer. We provide ranges of viscosities from 300 mPa.s. up to 75,000 mPa.s.
-Low viscosity HPMC (300mPa.s.-500mPa.s.) is popularly employed in self leveling applications.
-Viscosity ranging from (15,000mPa.s.-55,000mPa.s.) is normally used in wall putty and gypsum plaster.
-Viscosity ranging from (65,000mPa.s.-75,000mPa.s.) is used in tile adhesive solution.
If you need other available grades, for other applications, please contact the WOTAIchem team. We’re always here to support you with all technical challenges!
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