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WOTAI is a trusted HPMC manufacturer for EIFS/ETICS. EIFS exterior wall insulation and finish system are the same as ETICS,(external thermal insulation composite systems). EIFS reduces the thermal load of the external walls of the building. It’s lightweight and low-budget. Available to be carved into different shapes and patterns to achieve aesthetic effects.


WOTAI’s HPMC products provide superior performance for this exterior wall cladding system.

Amazing Benefits of EIFS/ETICS

EIFS are popular in construction and renovation projects. The EIFS system is like a blanket wrapped around the building with an insulating effect from the outside, thus reducing energy costs. Compared with traditional insulation systems, EIFS systems insulate the building completely. EIFS can also reduce air penetration by up to 55% compared to wood or brick construction. Since the wall is one of the areas with the greatest loss of heat and air-conditioning, the improvement of wall insulation is very much meaningful in terms of energy conservation. Apart from these obvious energy-saving benefits, the EIFS system also provides durability for the house.

WOTAI is a professional construction chemical manufacturer and supplier, especially in HPMC. Our HPMC are popular ingredients for EIFS systems, with great sagging resistance. Better leveling and decreased stickiness make the EIFS mortar easy to apply.

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2 Major Differences of EIFS VS Stucco

EIFS Stucco
Definition: Definition:
Definition: EIFS uses layers of added synthetic materials. The fibreglass mesh overlaps the polystyrene foam board and the finish layer. Sometimes also incorporate waterproof layers. Plain stucco refers to the traditional style. It’s a natural mixture of Portland cement, limestone powder, sand and water.
Application: Application:
A water-resistance (WRB) barrier to applying on the wall. There is a drainage plane between the WRB and the thermal insulation board. Insulation board and glass-fibre-reinforced mesh are embedded in the underlying coating. At last, a waterproof bottom layer and designer finish coat. Stucco applies to the building with 3 layer system, by placing the stucco mixture onto a foundation net. Then troweled over walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Textures and colours can be added to enhance the overall look.

Importance of Good Quality HPMC in EIFS Construction

WOTAI Chemical

EIFS with HPMC Deliver Excellent Breathability

The EIFS system offers good air permeability for the indoor environment. After proper surface treatment, the exterior walls prevent moisture from accumulating through condensation. The condensation causes damage to the cladding. However, EIFS is a blanket covering the entire house. Thus condensation can be effectively controlled.


Space Saving

The quality of our living space depends on the indoor space provided. However, indoor insulation takes up a large proportion of the floor space. Exterior insulation does not interfere with the indoor space at all. Producing the best insulation results while saving a significant amount of space.


Offer Thermal Efficiency

HPMC in EIFS provides a large number of thermal efficiency options. Other forms of insulation materials are mainly indoor insulation. Since space is a major limiting factor, thermal efficiency must be limited to a certain extent. On the other hand, hollow wall insulation is also limited to hollow sizes. Neither of them is sufficient to provide thermal efficiency.


Convenience in Use

EIFS with HPMC provides convenience for homeowners and architects. People can renovate their houses while they’re living inside. EIFS is an outside wall system which doesn’t interfere with the daily life of people inside the house.


WOTAI HPMC Highlights

Advanced Technology
Quality Assurance
Customisation Service
Global Certified
Stable Supply Chain
Effective Logistics

EIFS Construction Plus Points

One of the critical values of EIFS is energy efficiency and specification. It effectively reduces air penetration to a large extent. The traditional brick or wood structure doesn’t offer. The walls retain heat and save energy.

EIFS is made from 100% acrylic binder. It’s super resistant to fading and chalking and extends service life. EIFS are also resistant to staining, mould and mildew, which helps maintain the appearance of your building. And it’s not affected by weather, much lesser chance of causing cracking in walls.

Research has proved that EIFS is the most effective cladding. Especially in thermal and humidity control. They’re robust, water-resistant exterior surfaces of the house. Water intrusion is never the case with EIFS cladding structures. However, provided that you install it properly, with quality windows such as AAMA certified. And sealing around all the attachments and other exterior wall penetrations.

The exterior design is more vivid and richer. It has a wide range of textures and rich colours. Professional contractors are able to create a variety of unique exterior architectural details at a low cost.

EIFS has passed the major fire tests required by the building code. Including Fire resistance, flammability, and the intermediate multistory fire test. They effectively resist the spread of flames from one floor to the next. In addition, it can resist the lateral spread of the flame.

Your One-Stop HPMC Manufacturer and Supplier

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    Raw Materials Are Strictly Selected And Filtered

    HPMC raw materials are sourced from nature. We carefully selected and filtered out materials with defects. The sourcing directly affected the final quality of the product.

  • HPMC-quality-check
    Pay Attention To Every Detail

    We pay attention to every detail in the production process. All steps are documented by professionals. Our quality inspectors are involved throughout the whole process.

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    Stable Supply Chain System

    We have a stable supply chain system. Regardless of your location. Ship out stocks within a specific time frame. Provide strong support for your construction projects.


Where To Buy EIFS Stucco?

WOTAI manufactures and sells high-quality ingredients for your EIFS. Our logistic service covers more than 30 countries. You may hit the button to start your inquiry.


Find Your Product Match!

Why is HPMC an essential ingredient in EIFS?
How many coats does EIFS have?

The EIFS includes a two-layer exterior wall coating system. The base coating is a waterproof adhesive and a plastic-coated alkali-resistant glass fibre net. And synthetic polymer coating, which is crack resistant.

How is EIFS installed?

A water-resistance (WRB) barrier to applying on the wall. There is a drainage plane between the WRB and the thermal insulation board. Insulation board and glass-fibre-reinforced mesh are embedded in the underlying coating. At last, a waterproof bottom layer and designer finish coat.

What is an exterior insulation finish system?

EIFS is a unique cladding system. It uses strong insulating panels on the walls to provide excellent resistance to your house. They are also called synthetic stucco.

How EIFS system works?

EIFS are wall cladding using rigid insulating boards outside the wall. And a plaster-like exterior covering. Traditional insulation is like thermal underwear worn inside to keep you warm. While exterior insulation is like an extra piece of clothing worn outside.

Is the external insulation system still in use today?

EIFS is a type of exterior wall panel commonly used in modern residential and commercial buildings.

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