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HPMC for Detergent

WOTAIchem is a leading supplier of HPMC for liquid detergent. Our HPMC uses in detergent are both a thickener and an anti-reprecipitating agent. It can enhance the stability and cleaning efficacy in various cleaning applications.


Detergent grade HPMC provides stable viscosity in all forms of surfactant systems. After professional treatment, it can be quickly dissolved in water without caking. And without flocculation phenomenon in the dissolution process.


Our detergent grade HPMC powders are mainly used in:


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WOTAIchem HPMC’s superior water retention capacity and emulsification performance in daily chemical detergent can significantly improve product suspension and consistency, prevent product accumulation, etc. It has intact biological stability, a thickening system and rheological modification function, and good film formation. The final product has good visual effects and meets all other necessary properties.

WOTAIchem Detergent Grade HPMC Specification


4 Amazing Benefits of HPMC for Detergent

HPMC in Detergent

Excellent Dispersion in Cold Water

HPMC can be fast dispersed in cold water to avoid accumulation and uneven dissolution and obtain a uniform and stable solution.


In addition, it can be added to water and stirred to dissolve, which is convenient for use.

HPMC in Detergent

Good Thickening Effect

WOTAIchem HPMC is often used as thickening and stabilizing agents, binders, and dispersants in detergent applications.


HPMC is a cellulose ether commonly used in household and personal care products. It obtains the desired solution concentration by adding a small amount of HPMC to the desired solution.

HPMC in Detergent

Good Compatibility And System Stability

HPMC powder is a non-ionic material. And other additives cooperate well, will not react with ionic additives, and maintain the system’s stability.

HPMC in Detergent

Good Emulsification & Foam Stability

WOTAIchem HPMC detergent grade has high surface activity and can make the solution have an excellent emulsifying effect.


At the same time, it can keep the foam stable in the solution so that the solution has good application performance.


Versatile Applications of HPMC in Detergent Formulations

6 Roles of HPMC in Liquid Detergent


Your Reliable Cellulose Ether Supplier for Detergent

WOTAIchem is a leading cellulose ether supplier in China. We selected quality raw materials for HPMC manufacturing. The source is the key factor in product quality. We focus on every link during the HPMC cellulose manufacturing stage. Every step is documented and monitored by our professionals.


WOTAIchem also provides you with the most effective OEM HPMC solutions. Our experts can provide formula support for your different detergent applications. To date, we have provided reliable solutions for clients in over 30 countries worldwide.


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Can HPMC be used as a replacement for CMC/MC in cleaning product production?
Yes, HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) can be a suitable replacement for CMC (Carboxymethyl Cellulose) and MC (Methyl Cellulose) in the production of cleaning products. Here’s why:


– Reduced Usage Amount: Compared to CMC and MC, HPMC requires a lower dosage to achieve similar or even better results. This makes it a cost-effective option for your manufacturing process.


– Improved Water Retention: HPMC offers enhanced water retention capabilities. Helps in ensuring better stability and consistency of the cleaning product. This is particularly important when the product is exposed to alkaline conditions.


– Optimal Performance: HPMC’s properties make it highly compatible with various cleaning formulations. It provides excellent thickening, suspending, and emulsifying properties, resulting in improved performance of the cleaning product.
Therefore, we recommend you using WOTAIchem instant-dissolving HPMC for detergents as a replacement for CMC in cleaning product formulations.
What is the dosage range of HPMC in dishwashing detergent formulations?

For dishwashing detergent applications, we recommend using HPMC-150K. The typical dosage range is usually between 0.5% to 2%.


However, the specific dosage should be adjusted based on your actual application needs.


If you need formulation guidance or more details on dosage ratios, feel free to contact us to discuss specific formula details.

What is detergent?

Detergents are water-soluble cleaners that bind to impurities and dirt, making them more soluble and easy to remove.

Does liquid detergent cause mold?

Liquid detergents leave a residue in your washing machine and provide a source of mould. It’s better to make sure you use laundry detergent specifically made for this type of washer that produces relatively little foam to control mould.

What is hpmc in detergent?

HPMC for liquid laundry detergent is dedicated to a wide range of roles. Such as thickening, adhesion, dispersion, emulsification, film formation, and suspension. It protects the surface activity of the liquid, and remain excellent water retention properties.

What is thickener in detergent?

HPMC has been used as a thickening agent, often in treating daily chemical products, as a stabiliser and as a dispersion to improve the user experience and extend shelf life.

How does cellulose interact with detergent?

Cellulose is a hydrophilic polymer. It interacts with detergent through a process known as adsorption. Its nature allows it to attract and bind with water in the detergent solution.


Plus, the hydroxyl groups can form hydrogen bonds with the water and other components of the detergent. This interaction helps stabilize the detergent solution. And may contribute to its effectiveness in removing dirt and stains from surfaces.

How do you increase the viscosity of liquid detergent?

The thickeners can increase the viscosity of detergent. For example, cellulose ethers like HPMC and HEC. They are commonly added to the formulas to boost viscosity. They can create a network structure within the liquid detergent.


As a result, offers the required resistance to flow while preserving cleaning efficacy.

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