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  • gypsum-retarder-manufacturer
  • gypsum-retarder-supplier
  • gypsum-retarder-factory
  • gypsum-retarder-distributor
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China Gypsum Retarder Factory

Yuanwang gypsum retarder is a plaster retarding agent in gypsum-based materials. It stands out as a novel protein-based powder designed for gypsum use.


The gypsum plaster retarders can easily disperse into water. Our gypsum retarder chemicals allow time for proper plaster application and finishing.


Yuanwang is your trusted China gypsum retarder manufacturer. Our team of experts will provide you with professional custom formulations.


  • Extend the set time of lime finish plasters and joint compounds.
  • Easy to use. Meet a variety of setting times.
  • Suitable for various gypsum formulations.

Product Information

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Protein Gypsum Retarder Supplier

Product Overview

Product Name: Gypsum retarder.

Application: Gypsum related projects.

Compliance: ISO, CANS, SGS.

Package: 25 kg/bag.

MOQ: 1000 kg.

Payment: T/T, LC, OA.

Shipping: CFR, CIF, FOB, etc.

Delivery: 7-14 days. Straight from the factory.


Gypsum Retarder Specification

Model Name: YW502.

Grade: Construction.

Appearance: White to light yellow powder.

Moisture Content: ≤3%.

Liquid Formulation: 20%.

pH Value @20°C: 10-13.

OEM Options: Support.

Dosage Recommendation: 0.7-0.9. May vary on the formula.

Yuanwang Gypsum Plaster Retarder Powder

Gypsum Retarder Advantages

1. Gypsum plaster retarder provides the solidification time for gypsum even at low concentrations. It is a good choice compared to traditional inorganic hydroxy acid retarders.


2. Minimize the strength loss of gypsum.


3. YW502 is compatible with gypsum from different sources. For example, natural gypsum, desulfurization gypsum, and other industrial gypsum.


4. Combined with cellulose ethers and water reducers, it can provide more benefits. These gypsum additives can help extend gypsum mortar’s setting time and consistency.

Sufficient Gypsum Retarder Supply with Stable Quality

Yuanwang provides various accelerators and retarders of gypsum applications. Our factories with advanced production equipment support large volume supply.


We uphold strict QA systems in the gypsum retarder manufacturing process. All products maintain consistent and stable quality. And meet international standards.



Yuanwang OEM Gypsum Retarder Solution

Yuanwang not only sell products. Our team-oriented service can provide OEM solutions to your needs.


Also, we have exclusive benefits for our dealers. For example, the pricing and agent policies. Join our dealer groups today and explore more benefits!


Top 7 Yuanwang Gypsum Retarder Uses

Yuanwang gypsum retarder is an eco-friendly protein-based retarder. It can slow down the setting time of gypsum plaster.


Even applied in small amounts, our quality gypsum retarder has excellent retardation effects with minimal loss of gypsum strength. So, gypsum retarder is highly added in the slow drying plaster formula.


Get Your Free Gypsum Retarder Sample!

Experience the quality and performance of our premium gypsum retarder with no obligation. Click below to request your free sample and see the difference for yourself.


Don’t miss out on enhancing your projects with our top-grade product!

YW502-Gypsum Retarder Packaging and Storage

Standard Package

25 kG/bag and 500 kG/pallet.


Multi-layer paper bag with PE liner.



Also available in 25 kG/bag, and customized volume as per request.


You may hit the below button to start a chat session or schedule a call, we’re always at your service.

Customized Volume

Available in 25 kG/bag and 500 kG/bag.


Also support grade customization.


You may hit the below button to start a chat session or schedule a call/e-mail, we’re always at your service.

Yuanwang Gypsum Retarder Storage and Notes


– Storage and transportation should be conducted in a cool, dry environment.


– Taking precautions against moisture, high temperatures, and pressure to prevent clumping or caking.


– If not fully used, ensure tight resealing of the packaging to prevent moisture ingress.

Shelf Life

– Shelf life is 12 months from the production date.


– Products beyond the shelf life must undergo testing for verification before use.


– Our protein gypsum retarder is non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-combustible. Refer to the detailed safety data for more information.

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How to Use Gypsum Retarder?
What is the recommended dosage of the gypsum retarder?

We recommend adding 0.05-0.5% of the gypsum retarder based on the binding material. It’s crucial to conduct preliminary trials to fine-tune the quantity according to specific needs. If you need more help in formulation or product selection, please feel free to contact us now for more support.

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