Base Coat for EPS Insulation Board

EPS/XPS Board Base Coat

The EPS base coat is ideal for residential or commercial buildings due to its excellent frost resistance and durability. WOTAI construction additives enhance the effectiveness of your EPS basecoat system. We provide high-quality HPMC, RDP powder, and PP fibre, which are essential to creating a consistent formula. Additionally, RDP powder gives superior adhering strength and flexibility. It improves crack resistance and the overall toughness of the formula. It’s necessary to properly store all additive ingredients during the application process. To ensure maximum performance results.

EPS Basecoat is a cement-based adhesive designed for optimal performance. It consists of Portland cement, texturing aggregate, mineral fillers, and moisturized lime. It creates a practical concrete base to adhere fibreglass mesh and polystyrene insulation systems to substrata.

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3 Major Applications of EPS Basecoat

EIFS base coat is a unique mixture of ordinary Portland Cement. It is used for repairing concrete and masonry. It can be adhering to EIFS insulation boards before applying the decorative coatings. EIFS base coat is specially formulated to provide for better adhesion and coverage when applying the finish coats.

Adhesive Application

EPS base coat is ideal for attaching EPS insulation board. It adheres to the exterior of the buildings—the subsequent hard surfacing and then be painted or plastered over. The EIFS basecoat is applied over the entire surface.

Polystyrene Application

EIFS basecoat is used for coating polystyrene or foam to harden the surface and provide a base layer before painting or plastering. Just be cautious that you apply the basecoat in two separate layers with a uniform thickness.

Repair Mortar

Repair mortar is intended for leveling, patching, and filling masonry, concrete, and plaster surfaces before painting. Not applicable for floor repairs. Ensure the substrate is cleaned correctly before applying repair mortar.

3 Crucial Components for EPS Base Coat

EPS Basecoat is a cement-based adhesive solution that blends Portland cement, texturing aggregate, mineral fillers, and hydrated lime. The grey cement basecoat is designed to be part of the reinforcement layer on polystyrene (EPS) thermal insulation systems with fiberglass mesh embedded in it. This reliable solution incorporates quality materials that provide superior performance in your EPS installations.

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How does EIFS system works?

An Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), sometimes called EWI (Exterior Wall Insulation Systems) or ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems), is a cladding system that offers an insulated surface and waterproofing for exterior walls. This integrated composite material system can be applied to many types of structures, from commercial facilities to residential homes.

Why RDP powder is essential in EIFS/ETICS installation?

Redispersible polymer powder is essential in EIFS applications due to its ability to enhance adhesive properties, flexibility, and ageing stability. Additionally, RDP powder helps improve the adhesion strength between adhesive mortar and wall substrates, thereby increasing compatibility.

Why should we choose WOTAI chemical?

WOTAI is a professional cellulose ether manufacturer and supplier in China. Our main products include HPMC, HEMC/MHEC, HEC, RDP powder, calcium formate, superplasticizer, and PP fibers. We must build a trustworthy company with years of manufacturing experience. Our products are used in various industries, including construction, paint, food, and household. If you are searching for construction additives, as mentioned above, please reach out to us anytime!

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