Concrete Strength Additives

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  • concrete-additives
  • melamine-water-reducing
  • cold-weather-additves
  • calcium-formate-powder
  • concrete-reinforcing-fiber
  • pan-fiber-manufacturer
  • synthetic-fiber-manfuacturer
  • pet-fiber-manfuacturer

Concrete Strength Additives Manufacturer

WOTAIchem is a professional concrete strength additives factory in China. We provide various concrete additives for your various applications.


We provide OEM solutions for concrete enhancement. Our expert team will make high strength concrete mix designs for your needs.


1. Calcium formate. Achieve exceptional early strength.


2. Superplasticizer.

PCE powder for improved workability.

SM superplasticizers for reduced water bleed and enhanced strength.


3. Concrete fibers(PPF, PAN, PET, PVA). Enhance your concrete with fiber-reinforcement benefits.


WOTAIchem Additives to Make Concrete Stronger

Calcium Formate
Appearance White crystal powder
Purity% ≥98.00
Moisture% ≤0.50% 
Calcium Content% ≥30.10
PH Value NA
Category NA
PCE Superplasticizers
Appearance White or yellowish
Bulk Density(g/L) 500-700
Moisture% ≤5%
Cement Paste Fluidity ≥240
Fineness Passing Rate ≥90%
Activeing Redient ≥90%
Melamine Superplasticizers
Appearance White Powder
Bulk Density(g/L) 700±200
Moisture% ≤5
Cement Paste Fluidity ≥200
Fineness Passing Rate ≥95
Standard Sieve(mm) 0.3

WOTAIchem Concrete Additives Fiber for Enhancement

  • polyacrylonitrile-fiber-manufacturer
    PAN Fiber
    Diameter 13±1um
    Length 4-50mm
    Density 1.18g/cm3
    Color Yellowish
    Crack Elongation 15%±5%
    Tensile Strength ≥800Mpa
  • PET Fiber
    Breaking Tenacity ~7.9g/den
    Initial Moisture Content 3.0%
    Special Gravity 1.38g/cm3
    Effect of Heat Sticks at 440 to 450oF.
    Softens at 464oF
    Melts at 500oF
  • PP-3mm
    PPF Fiber
    Length 3mm
    Tensile Strength 450Mpa
    Elasticity% 40-100
    Wear Resistance Good
    Moisture Rate% 0-0.05
    Melting Point 165℃
  • PVA Fiber
    PVA Fiber
    Configuration Monofilament
    Tensile Strength 240ksi(1600MPa)
    Flexural Strength 5700ksi(40GPa)
    Available Length 0.375″(8mm)
    Aspect-Ratio 210.52
    Melting Point 435°F(225°C)

WOTAIchem - Where Concrete Solutions Meet Excellence

large Volume Support
SOE owned 5 major production bases with QA system.
Free Sample Testing
We offer free additive samples for your testing and evaluation.
Payment Choices
Various payment options. including T/T , L/C at sight, etc.
Efficient Delivery
Effective supply chain. Factory direct ship out.

Concrete Additives for Strength: Ratio and Precision


– Enhance integrity and durability.

– Minimize the surface and cracks.

– Suitable for various applications, from bridges to floors.

– Achieve long-term performance.


– Control calcium formate dosage to stay under 2.5%.

– Control superplasticizer dosage within 0.5% to 2%.

Faster setting and curing times with the correct dosage.

– Expert guidance for optimal dosing.

Excellent Concrete Strength Additives through Partnership

Choose Fast Curing Additives for Your Next Project!

Discover the difference with WOTAIchem’s fast curing concrete additives. We offer free concrete mix additives’ sample trials and customized formulations for your specific needs. Get started today!



Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

What are the causes of water leakage in concrete? How can it be resolved?

Concrete leaks due to various factors are divided into two parts: external and internal. External factors relate to the concrete’s environment. The internal factors involve the concrete’s structure and materials.


– External

Water can infiltrate concrete structures through various means. It becomes an issue due to the following reasons:


1. Excessive external pressure causes water infiltration.


2. Capillary action of delicate pores within the concrete.


3. A combination of both external pressure and capillary action.


– Internal

In theory, concrete’s structure and characteristics can be improved with the right mix and process. But it’s not easy. Standard cement contains a lot of filler. Making it challenging to tackle water leakage from the inside.


The key to better water resistance is addressing external factors. This means improving concrete resistance to damage. Plus, it increases density, reducing original cracks and ensuring it stays stable after hardening.


Concrete is non-uniform and porous, having construction and structural voids. Construction voids happen during pouring if not compacted well. The structural holes form during hardening, related to the water-to-cement ratio.

How do you make super high strength concrete?

Making super high-strength concrete involves a few key steps:


1. Premium Ingredients. Start with quality materials, like high-grade cement and selected aggregates.


2. Low Water Use. Keep the water-cement ratio low. It is usually below 0.25 to boost strength.


3. Special Additives. Use WOTAIchem construction additives like superplasticizers to enhance workability without compromising strength.


4. Extra Materials. Incorporate silica fume and fly ash to improve durability and reduce permeability.


5. Good Mixing. Ensure a thorough mix using high-powered mixers.


6. Proper Curing. Follow strict curing methods, like steam or high-pressure, to maximize strength.


7. Testing and Quality Control. Regularly check the concrete’s properties to meet the desired high-strength standards.


Creating super high-strength concrete demands careful planning. Contact us if you have more questions about concrete strength additives’ applications.

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