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  • plasticizer-supplier
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  • concrete-plasticizer-supplier
  • plasticizer-supplier
  • plasticizer-for-concrete
  • plasticizer-factory
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Plasticizer Manufacturer in China

Plasticizer is also known as super plasticizer. They’re popular used in mortar, concrete, precast, gypsum, and types of premix materials.


WOTAIchem is a professional plasticizer supplier in China. Our polycarboxylate superplasticizer is popular in construction, particularly in concrete. It greatly improves concrete performance.


  • Increase concrete fluidity and workability.
  • Achieve up to 30% water reduction rate.
  • It helps to enhance concrete strength without costing more.
  • Works with different kinds of concrete and cement.

*To expand your product portfolio, WOTAIchem also offer: HPMC, RDP powder, Calcium Formate, Concrete Fiber.

Chinese Plasticizer Supplier for Concrete

Polycarboxylate Super Plasticizer

Plasticizer for Concrete

Appearance: White power.
Formula modification: Support.
Production capacity: 2,000-2,500 tons per year
Payment type: L/C, T/T, OA.
Delivery time: 7-14 days.
Delivery options: FOB, CIF, CFR.
Packaging: 25kg/bag, 2000kg/pallet, and custom sizes.
Storage condition: Room temperature.

Plasticizer China

6 Reasons to Trust Us as Your Plasticizer Supplier

1. In-house production with strict quality control.

2. Modern facilities ensure efficient production.

3. Custom solutions and technical support by your side.

4. We offer special discounts for bulk orders.

5. On-time delivery to meet your deadlines!

6. We make sure your orders arrive on time without delay.


Your Trusted Plasticizer Supplier and Strategic Partner

We are more than a plasticizer supplier, but also your strategic partner to drive your business growth.


At WOTAIchem, we have our own factories and a wide range of products. We can customize products for you and give advice based on real situations. Plus, our team works together to provide you with the best service possible. So, instead of one person, you get the combined effort of a whole team! Different professionals stand by to assist you throughout the entire process!

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    Production Line

    At WOTAIchem, we make our plasticizer products with advanced machines. Form a complete production line with high efficiency.

  • quality-plasticizer
    Quality Supply

    We’ve supplied plasticizers globally for decades with strict quality control and excellent service. Establish long-term partnerships.

  • customer-centric-solution
    Customer Centric

    We offer custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Our priority is you receive the most effective plasticizers every time. Deliver the desired results.

  • video-meeting
    Customer Interations

    We attend events and exhibitions to learn more about our customers’ real concerns. We listen to your feedback and also share insights.

PCE Super Plasticizers Options and Grades

  • pce-product

    Active ingredients: ≥90%
    Water reduction rate: ≥25%
    Dosage: 2-3kg per ton.

  • plasticizer-product

    Active ingredients: ≥90%
    Water reduction rate: ≥25%
    Recommended: cement-based mortar.

  • superplasticizer-pce

    Active ingredients: ≥90%
    Water reduction rate: ≥25%
    Gypsum-based self leveling mortar.

  • water-reducing-agent

    Active ingredients: ≥90%
    Water reduction rate: ≥30%
    Exclusive for UHPC.

Plasticizers Packaging and Sizes

If you wish to pack it in a different size or volume, we can customize it for you. With our automatic packing system, we ensure a fast and efficient packing procedure regardless of any volume. On top of that, we can print the bag with your own business name and logo!


Plasticizer Supplier with Rich Manufacturing Experience

WOTAIchem has been in the market for over two decades. We’ve been manufacturing quality plasticizers for global customers. With years of practice in formula modification, we have earned a strong presence in the global market.


We are not yet the biggest or most famous brand in China, but we focus on building a good reputation. We aim to make every client happy with our products and services.

Request Free Samples to Test

We provide FREE samples. You can request multiple samples at once and conduct tests with different formulations.


Our samples match the quality of our actual products. Plus, we’re happy to assist with third-party testing. So you can choose the testing service you trust. WOTAIchem team is always here to assist you anytime!



How much plasticizer to use in concrete?

It depends on the real-life application, as well as the product you’ve chosen. Different products may have slightly different dosages. For more details, please start an inquiry and share with us your application scenarios. Our team will provide professional guidance immediately.

What does plasticizer do in concrete?

-It makes concrete easier to work with without needing more water.


-It helps keep the right balance of water and cement, so the concrete stays at the right thickness.


-Plasticizers also spread the cement evenly.


-Plasticizers also help prevent cracks and make the concrete stronger for a longer time.

Does plasticizer weaken concrete?

No, plasticizers don’t weaken concrete. In fact, it boosts concrete strength.

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