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Macro Fiber for Concrete Reinforcement

Yuanwang macrofibers play a key role in many concrete applications. Our quality macro fibers deliver excellent performance with lower dosage rates.


Our macro synthetic fibers enhance the concrete with higher toughness and energy absorption. Plus, our macro fiber infuses durability into the concrete. It can also improve the impact and fatigue resistance of the concrete.


Yuanwang macro synthetic fiber provides extra crack control in concrete. Moreover, our macrofiber has a higher aspect ratio. It allows for higher performance in the concrete matrix.


Macro Fiber Price: Negotiable.

Availability: In stock.

Payment: T/T, LC, OA.

Delivery: CIF, FOB, CFR.

Shipping: Direct from the factory.


Product Details

Concrete Macro Fiber

Macrofiber Products

Product name: Synthetic macro fiber.

Appearance: Transparent or white, patterned

Type: PP macro fiber. 100% virgin polypropylene.

Typical dosage rate: 2-9 KG/MT.

Aspect ratio: 85.

Tensile strength: 580-600M Pa.

1. Shotcrete.
2. Mass concrete.
3. Mine.
4. Macro fibers concrete.

Concrete Macro Fiber

Synthetic Macro Fibers Solution

Customization: Support.

Macro synthetic fiber price: Negotiable.

Packaging: OEM available.

Lead time: 7-14 days.

1. ASTM C1116 / C1116M.
2. ASTM D7508 / D7508M.

Macro Fiber Manufacturer

Why Choose Yuanwang as Your Concrete Macro Fiber Supplier?

> High Standards. All our construction additives meet international standards. We are ISO certified macro fiber manufacturer in China.

> Stable Quality. Yuanwang upholds strict quality control in concrete macro fiber manufacturing. Each batch has the consistent quality you want.

> OEM Solution. Our experts provide tailored fiber products and formulas for your applications.

> Sufficient Supply. The concrete fiber’s annual capacity is over 10,000 Mtons.

> Professional Team. We offer team-based services. You’ll enjoy expert guidance and assistance at every stage.

> Dealer Support. More benefits on price and policies are ready for our dealer networks!

Concrete Fiber Additive for Excellent Construction

Macrofiber is a type of fiber additive for concrete. They are used in various construction applications to enhance the performance and longevity of concrete structures.


The macro fibers concrete shows improve post-cracking response performance. Macro fiber reinforcement can be found in various construction tasks. For example, buildings, bridges, and airport runways.



Top 5 Benefits of Synthetic Macro Fibers in Concrete

1. Enhanced Safety. Using concrete macro fibers eliminates the need for handling steel fibers and rebar.
2. Improved Durability. Macro fibers enhance the ductility, energy absorption, shatter resistance, fatigue resistance, and flexural toughness of the concrete.
3. Cost Savings. The use of macro fibers reduces material and storage costs.
4. Ease of Use. Macro fibers arrive pre-mixed with the concrete, enabling a quick, easy, and safe application process.
5. Effective Performance. Our concrete macro fibers are easily pumped. This can reduce wear on the equipment associated with steel fibers.

Reliable Supply of Fiber for Concrete Reinforcement

Quality synthetic fiber reinforced concrete incorporates a lot of fibers. For example, PPF, PAN, PET, PVA, etc.


Yuanwang is a leading concrete reinforcing fibres manufacturer. We provide various concrete synthetic fibers for your different concrete tasks.


We also prepared concrete additive solutions for your construction. That includes additives like calcium formate, water reducers, and defoamers.



Concrete Macro Fiber Package


Also supports customized volume.

Support OEM packaging. You can also add logos to the package.

Shelf life: 36 months in original.

Customized Packaging

Water-soluble film bag.

Water soluble paper bag.

Plastic bag or bucket.


What is the difference between microfiber and macrofiber concrete?

Microfiber and macrofiber are two different types of fibers used in concrete. Both can enhance concrete performance. Microfibers are fine fibers added in small quantities to improve crack resistance and reduce shrinkage. Macrofibers are larger than microfibers. They are added at higher rates to enhance toughness and impact resistance.

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