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  • vae-rdp-china
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China Redispersible Polymer Powder

Redispersible polymer powder is created from VAE emulsion. VAE turned into a white powder by spraying and drying processes. WOTAIchem is a China RDP factory, we’re located in Dezhuo, Shandong province.


  • Exclusive use of high-quality VAE emulsions imported from overseas.
  • Superior quality assurance from raw material selection to production.
  • Efficient production with modern facilities and equipment.
  • Commitment to both quality and quantity at the same time!
  • Other products: HPMC, HEMC, HEC. Superplasticizers.

VAE Redispersible Powder in Building Materials

-VAE redispersible powder exhibits good tensile strength, adhesiveness, and excellent flexibility.

-They perform well even in low temperatures, providing good freezing-thaw resistance.

-When used in building materials, it demonstrates good anti-cracking properties.

Reliable China RDP Factory

VAE RDP Powder

VAE RDP Factory In-house Production

Product form: White powder.
Grade: Construction grade.
Water solubility: Excellent.
Storage condition: Room temperature.
Production capacity: 35,000-40,000 tons per year.
Major application: Wall putty, tile adhesive, self leveling.

Buy RDP Powder

VAE RDP Ordering Information

Payment type: L/C, T/T, OA.
Delivery time: 7-14 days.
Delivery options: FOB, CIF, CFR.
RDP powder price: Negotiable.
Packaging sizes: 25kg/bag, 500kg/pallet, other customized sizes are also available.
Formula modification: Support.
MOQ: 1000kg.


Professional Redispersible Polymer Powder Manufacturer in China

With consistent delivery of quality VAE RDP products, and affordable prices, we have earned a significant market share.

  • rdp-prodcution-line

    Modern equipment such as spray dryers, mixers, automatic packing systems, and QC systems.

  • rdp-quality-check

    We maintain complete quality control in our factory. To ensure transparency, We support third-party quality testing.

  • formula-modification

    Technical support to find you the most effective formula, based on an analysis of your working environments.

  • free-sample

    Free samples are available, with fast shipping out within 24 hours. Delivered via DHL or FedEx.

  • payment-option

    Safe and flexible payment options are available for you. Available options: L/C, T/T, and OA. Choose your way!

  • effective-logistic

    With factory production and direct shipping out, we guarantee fast logistics services and on-time delivery to you.

  • customer-support

    Your satisfaction matters! Our service is continuous, and we’re here to support you at any time!

Redispersable Powder Polymer for Wall Putty Powder

As one of the professional redispersible polymer powder manufacturers in China, we can assist you with common putty powder issues.

  • low-adhesion
    Poor Adhesion

    Traditional building materials don’t stick well to surfaces. That’s why we see a lot of peel-offs or chalking in real life.

  • putty-cracks

    Putty without VAE RDP is more easily cracked. VAE RDP provides extra flexibility and tensile strength.

  • dry-putty-marks
    Lack Water Resistance

    In wet or humid environments, the putty is more likely to get moldy. VAE RDP can prevent this kind of issue.

  • difficult-appliaction-process
    Difficult Application

    Say no to project delays and increased time and labor costs. VAE RDP improves workability in building materials.


Sample Match Guarantee!

At WOTAIchem, we guarantee that the quality of our samples perfectly matches our real stock. Additionally, we ensure the traceability of every batch of our products by providing a COA analysis with every order!


We deliver our samples via DHL and FedEx to your doorstep! Contact us to request your FREE sample today!

4 Applications Where Our RDP Powder Excels

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