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WOTAIchem cellulose fiber comes from natural wood that undergoes a special process. It looks like cotton fibers or flakes and comes in white or off-white colors. We maintain high standards to ensure consistent and top-notch fiber quality.


As a trusted cellulose fiber manufacturer in China, we offer different types of cellulose fibers. We also provide customized solutions with guidance on the right formulas.


Professional Cellulose Fiber Supplier from China

Yuanwang™ is the registered trademark of WOTAIchem. Under this brand, we primarily offer a range of concrete additives and building functional additives. For example, concrete fibers, calcium formate, defoamers.


Yuanwang™ cellulose fiber is not water-soluble. They are wood cellulose fibers left in their natural state. It’s not the same material as the cellulose ethers water-soluble powders.

Yuanwang Cellulose Fiber Specifications

Product: Cellulose fiber.

Model: YW80CF.

Appearance: Cubic fiber.

Color: Off-white.

Application: Concrete.

Average Fiber Length: 500-600 μm.

Cellulose Content Density: 1.1 g/cm³.

pH Value: 6-8.

Tensile Strength: 600-900.

Elastic Modulus: 8.5 Gpa.

OEM Options: Support.


Our Commitment for Your Cellulose Fibers

Global Certified

WOTAIchem’s excellence has gained recognition from international bodies worldwide.

OEM Formula

Tailored formulas crafted to precisely match your unique requirements.

Flexible Payment

We offer various payment options: T/T, LC, PayPal, and more.

Efficient Logistic

Short lead times ranging from 7 to 15 working days based on your order volume.

Continuous R&D in Cellulose Fiber Manufacturing Process

Yuanwang™ cellulose fiber is a natural fiber made from specially treated cellulose. We sort the fibers on our assembly line into various lengths and thicknesses to meet different material needs. With a high processing temperature of over 250℃, it becomes a chemically stable substance under regular conditions.


WOTAIchem is keeping ESG in mind. Our cellulose fiber is a green and eco-friendly product. It has no adverse effects on the environment and is harmless to humans. This feature sets it apart from other mineral-based fibers.


> Outstanding structural stability.

> Automated batching with options for large bags and silo systems.



Powerful Cellulose Fiber Solutions

Yuanwang™ cellulose fiber is used in various fields. For example, asphalt roads, concrete, mortar, gypsum products, and wood pulp sponges. Its technical functions mainly include thixotropy, protection, absorption, carrier, and filler.


Our cellulose fibers offer excellent benefits as follows:


> Preventing coating cracks.

> Enhancing water retention.

> Ensuring construction durability.

> Increasing strength.

> Improving surface adhesion.


Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Cellulose Fiber Supply

WOTAIchem is one of the leading cellulose fiber suppliers in China. We have over 20 years of experience in producing cellulose ether for construction purposes. If you’re seeking a trusted factory to buy cellulose fiber, we are your best choice!


WOTAIchem’s efficient supply chain extends globally. We support direct shipment from our production bases. We can deliver your wood cellulose fibers to your specified location in the shortest time possible. Typically, delivery takes 7-15 days. The deliver time may vary depending on the region and production volume.


Cellulose Fiber Uses: Smart Road Construction Solutions

Yuanwang® cellulose fibers are also used in different construction projects. For example, asphalt roadways, pavement construction, concrete, mortar, etc. The most common road surface applications include:
  • racing-track-concrete
    F1 Racing Tracks​

    – Ideal for high-temperature and rainy regions. For example, road surfaces and parking lots.


    – Applied in high-speed highways, urban expressways, and main roads to provide anti-skid surfaces.

  • pavement-additives
    Bridge Pavement

    – Yuanwang™ cellulose fibers are effective in the steel bridge pavement construction.


    – Our quality cellulose fibers are often applied in high-cold regions to prevent temperature-induced cracks.

  • construction-additives
    Urban Infrastructure

    – Essential in road sections with heavy traffic and a high volume of oversized vehicles.


    – Applied in urban road intersections, bus stops, and port terminals for durability and stability.

Cellulose Fiber Packaging and Sizes

10-20kg/per Carton

Also available in custom volumes.


Keep cool and dry, and avoid direct sunlight or sources of ignition.

Customized Volume

Also available in customized package appearance.


Keep cool and dry, and avoid direct sunlight or sources of ignition.

Experience WOTAIchem Cellulose Fibers Firsthand!

Request your free samples today and discover the superior performance and eco-friendly benefits for your construction projects!


What Sets WOTAIchem Apart

Quality Control
OEM Solution
Supply Chain
Dealer Opportunity

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Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

What is cellulose fiber made of?

Cellulose fiber is composed of cellulose with fiber ethers or esters. It can be derived from tree bark, wood, or plant leaves. Other plant-based materials can also serve as sources. Besides cellulose, fibers may include hemicellulose and lignin. These ingredients, with varying percentages, can alter the mechanical properties of the fiber.

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