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  • concrete-accelerator
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Number #1 Best Selling Concrete Accelerator

Calcium formate is a widely used as concrete admixture accelerator, especially in cold climates. It’s also known as calcium diformate, a type of calcium salt of formic acid. In winter concrete curing process, it’s your must-have accelerating admixtures.


Yuanwang Group is your reliable calcium formate manufacturer. We have been serving the construction sector with exceptional products and services.


Calcium formate concrete accelerators major benefits:

1. Frost protection. Prevent ice formation within the concrete mixture.
2. Set Accelerator. Speed up concrete curing before it gets frozen.
3. Reduce concrete setting time. Helpful in a wide range of cold temperatures.
4. Accelerates cement hydration. Results in quick strengthening.

Concrete Accelerator Calcium Formate Product Information

Concrete Accelerator

Calcium Formate Technical Data

Appearance: White crystal powder.
Purity: ≥ 98%.
Moisture: ≤ 0.5%.
Calcium Content: ≥ 30.10%.
Calcium Formate Formula: Ca(HCOO)2.

Concrete Accelerator

Calcium Formate Packaging and Delivery

Standard Packaging: 25kg/kraft paper bag.
Customized Packaging: Support.
Lead time: 7-14 days.
Payment Option: T/T, L/C, etc.
Calcium Formate Price: Negotiable.


Reducing Concrete Setting Time by 60 minutes!

Typically, the initial setting time of concrete is around 30 to 90 minutes.


When added concrete accelerator calcium formate, it makes a big impact. It greatly reduces the setting time. Depending on the conditions and dosage, calcium formate can shorten the setting time to just 10-30 minutes!


*The exact setting also depends on the curing areas. A bigger area requires a longer time to cure and set.

7 Simple Steps to Buy Calcium Formate

1. Get Quotation. Ask for price quotes based on the amount you need.

2. Sample request. Get a free sample to test the result, then decide whether it’s best suited to your usage.

3. Delivery. Review delivery options to make sure you’ll get your order on time.

4. Comparison. Compare prices and quality from different suppliers to find the best deal.

5. Place Your Order. Once you’re happy with the testing result and everything, confirm order.

6. Make Payment. Pay for your order according to the corresponding terms.

7. Confirm Delivery. Double-check shipping details and expect your orders!


Fun Fact about Calcium Formate Concrete Accelerator

Calcium formate is a super versatile additive that can be used in both dry mix mortar and concrete!


When added to dry mix mortar, it’s before water. Mix all the dry ingredients first and then add water. Conversely, when added to concrete, it’s after water. In other words, calcium formate is added to the wet concrete mixture before use.

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Hot Topics

Do you accept bulk orders and small orders for concrete accelerator?

Yuanwang is experienced in managing large-volume orders for all grades of calcium formate products. However, we also handle small orders. The MOQ is 1 MT.

Can you print my company logo outside the packaging?

Yes, absolutely! Yuanwang has been practicing OEM support for many years. As it is an important part of brand awareness. We can design the layout of all relevant information outside the packaging to make it look more presentable and attractive!

How do you manage the logistic details for concrete accelerator orders?

Normally, we’ll share all the relevant info during consultation. Our experienced sales team understand the most recent shipping protocols. You may tell us your concerns, we’re always here to support!

What kind of packaging do you provide for calcium formate product?

Our calcium formate powder comes with standard Kraft paper bag packaging.


raft paperbag has several benefits, that’s why we chose it for calcium formate products.


The Kraft paperbag is strong and doesn’t tear easily, keeping the calcium formate powder safe during transportation. It’s also moisture-resistant, keeping the calcium formate dry and effective.


Last but not least, Kraft bags are eco-friendly. They’re made from trees or other plants, so they break down naturally. You can recycle these bags to reduce waste.

How do we handle the shipping details for calcium formate orders?

You can expect a response from us within 6-8 hours. A sales professional will contact you via email or WhatsApp, whichever you prefer, to discuss the quotation or any concerns related to buy calcium formate. Feel free to email us at info@wotaichem.com or message us on WhatsApp at +8618560052659.

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