Tiling with WOTAIchem C1 Tile Adhesive Solutions

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Reliable Tiling with C1 Tile Adhesives

WOTAIchem is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for your C1 tile adhesive needs. We offer high-quality RDP, cellulose ethers (HPMC, MHEC/HEMC), and HPS to empower your projects.


Our products are designed to enhance the properties of C1 cementitious adhesive. Ensuring your tile adhesive mortar excels in every aspect.


  • Optimize open time.
  • Strong bonding ability.
  • Long-lasting durability.
  • Used for concrete, cement render, and screeds.

Choosing the Right Adhesive: Tile Adhesive Classification

In the world of tile adhesive standards, “C1” and “C1E” classify tile adhesives based on their properties. “C” indicates cement based tile adhesives. “C1” signifies a standard cementitious adhesive for tiles. The “C1E” represents an enhanced version with improved features.
WOTAIchem’s tile adhesive aligns with national standards, specifically China GB/T 25181 “Pre-mixed Mortar.” In construction projects, the most prevalent adhesive for tile installation is cement-based. It falls into categories C1 and C2 based on tensile strength.

Cellulose Ethers Available for C1 Tile Adhesive


RDP Powder Available for C1 Tile Adhesive


Your Solution for Superior Tile Adhesive Applications

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    Porcelain Tiles Installation
    WOTAIchem C1 tile adhesive solution provides a robust for porcelain tiles and substrates. Ensuring long-lasting durability for your projects.
  • interior-wall-adhesive
    Interior Wall Cladding
    WOTAIchem C1 tile adhesive additives solution simplifies wall cladding projects. Finally, it offers a sturdy and attractive finish.
  • tile-adhesive-wall
    Waterproofing Membrane
    Our tile adhesive additives ensure tiles remain affixed in areas prone to moisture. Then, prevent moisture-related issues.

WOTAIchem Tile Adhesive Solutions Support

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WOTAIchem Additives - C1 Tile Adhesive Formulation

C1 Tile Adhesive

Suitable for porcelain, polished, and glazed tiles in sizes 400×800, 600×600, and 800×800.


> Cellulose Ether:
– Mild Climate Regions: HPMC WB 75K / HEMC WB 75K.
– Hot and Varied Climate Regions: TB 75K.

> RDP: T-5043N.

> HPS: T-302.

C1E Tile Adhesive

> Cellulose Ether: MHEC/HPMC TB 75K.


> RDP:

– Flexibility Focus: T-5043N.
– Adhesive Bonding Focus: T-5040N.


> HPS: T-302.

Request free additives samples for Your C1 tile adhesive applications!


Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

What are the recommended C1 title adhesive dosage levels for hot and variable climate regions?

– Cellulose Ether:
Recommended Cellulose Series: T-Series.
Recommended Dosage: 1.5-2.5‰.


– RDP (Redispersible Polymer Powder):
Recommended Product: T-5043N
Dosage Range: 5-10 kgs.


– HPS (Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether):
Recommended Dosage: 0.5-1kgs.


The recommended dosages may vary based on specific project requirements and temperature fluctuations. For optimal results, always consult with our experts for personalized solutions.

In the case where the cement dosage is 34% for tile adhesive production, can the cement dosage be reduced further to lower costs? If not, how can the dosage of RDP/HEMC be adjusted?

It is recommended to maintain the cement dosage at its current level. Adjustments to the additives in C1 tile adhesive are as follows: RDP powder: 7-15kg; HEMC: 2-3kg.


If you aim to minimize powdering effects, it is advisable to consider the TG range of 12-15, as they exhibit strong cohesion and are less prone to powdering.


If you have any further questions or additional help, please feel free to contact WOTAIchem team.

Can I use wall tile adhesive on floors?
No, it’s not recommended. Wall tile adhesive is for vertical surfaces. In contrast, flooring adhesives are designed to handle horizontal pressure from people walking. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact WOTAIchem. Our team is pleased to provide guidance on tile adhesive additives for your specific application needs.
How long does it take for C1 tile adhesive to set and cure?
The C1 tile adhesive typically sets within 24 hours after application. It’s crucial to allow enough time for the adhesive to cure completely. Factors like temperature and humidity can influence the drying time. For optimal results, follow WOTAIchem recommendations for specific curing times in varying conditions.
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