RDP for Tile Adhesive: Top 3 Must-Know Facts for Construction

1. What is Redispersible Polymer Powder?


The purpose of this article is to share with you all the things you need to know about redispersible polymer powder for tile adhesive. Redispersible Polymer Powder is made from polymer emulsion and is soluble in water. It is a polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate, and polyvinyl alcohol is used as a protective colloid.


Its initial state is polymer emulsion. After high temperature, high pressure, spray drying, and surface treatment, it becomes powder. The powders can be redispersed in water when mixed with it.


It forms a new emulsion with the same properties as the original copolymer emulsion. And a film will be formed after the water evaporates. The film has high flexibility, weather resistance, and adhesion to various substrates.


Redispersible Polymer Powder has high bonding capacity and unique properties. Such as water resistance, workability, and heat insulation.
RDP powders are used in construction. It’s an essential additive in external wall insulation, tile bonding, interface treatment, bonding plaster, plastering plaster, building interior, exterior wall putty, decorative mortar, and so on.


In a word, they have a wide range of applications and very good market prospects.




2. The principle and effect of RDP for tile adhesive


2.1 The action principle of Redispersible Polymer Powder


There was a period in history when there was a trend of growth. What is it? Since the 1970s, it has been towards replacing mortar additives in dispersed form with Redispersible Polymer Powders. As time went on, this trend became more and more obvious.


What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Because Redispersible Polymer Powder has excellent characteristics to achieve better construction performance.


Polymer modifiers reduce the modulus of elasticity of the mortar. In other words, it increases mortar flexibility. In fact, this factor is important.


The adhesive is subject to deformations caused by differential thermal expansion or contraction of the substrate. The climate in the world is diverse, and the temperature may have a big difference between day and night. The weather in the same city may also change greatly. So, people’s demand for more flexible building materials will increase. It depends on variable temperatures.


Besides, they are less prone to cracking during the hydration of the cementitious substrate. The addition of dispersants also improves the compatibility of the wet mortar. It improves workability and efficiency to a great extent.


As a result of these advantages, polymer-modified cement mortars are set up in many new applications, for example, in relatively thin mortars. We can find it in mineral mortars, repair precast mortars, fillers, building and tile hardening, and many binder modifications.


2.2 Effects of modification with polymers


Cement is the most important mineral binder. It reacts with water to form a co-continuous cement matrix. Since the hardening process is relatively slow, making sure of enough water supply is important.


For strong, thick-walled structures, this is usually not a problem because the surface area is relatively small compared to the volume.
If the mortar layer is very thin, water evaporates too quickly or seeps into the substrate. The cement not being fully hydrated. It substantially leads to poor strength and adhesion, and surface shrinkage causes cracks.


Thus, the redispersible powder modifies the wet mortar in exactly the same way as the polymer dispersion. Unlike cement, the polymer particles form a thin film and act as a secondary binder when the water evaporates. These two systems – cement and redispersible emulsion powder – complement each other perfectly.


3. Applications of Redispersible Polymer Powder for tile adhesive


We all know that ceramic tiles have a wide range of applications. It has good decorative and functional features, like durability, waterproofing, and easy cleaning. It is used indoors or outdoors on walls, floors, ceilings, fireplaces, murals, and swimming pools.


Redispersible Polymer Powder comes with remarkable properties. It has great adhesion, water retention, long open time, flexibility, anti-sagging, and excellent resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. And it provides high adhesion, high slip resistance, and good application treatment for tile adhesives, thin layer tile adhesives, and caulks.


Due to the many advantages of RDP powders that are mentioned above, it is widely used in exterior wall insulation, tile bonding, interface treatment, bonding plaster, plastering plaster, building interior and exterior wall putty, and decorative mortar.


The traditional method of tile pasting is the thick-layer construction method. First, the ordinary mortar is applied to the back of the tiles, and then the tiles are pressed onto the base.


The thickness of the mortar layer is about 10-30mm. This method is very suitable for construction on an uneven foundation. But there are disadvantages to using it as well.

For example, it slows down the tilling process even though the contractor is highly skilful. The risk of falling off increases due to poor mortar flexibility. Moreover, it is difficult to strictly control the quality of the mortar on the construction site.

This method is only suitable for tiles with a high water absorption rate. The traditional way of tilling requires soaking it in water to achieve enough bond strength.


Currently, the most frequently used method is called thin-layer tilling. First, apply the cement mixture onto the substrate with a toothed trowel. It will form a raised stripe and uniform thickness mortar layer. Then press the tiles on it and gently twist. The thickness of the mortar layer is about 2 to 4mm.


This way of tilling has good bonding performance for different types of grassroots and surface layers, including full glass tiles with very low water absorption and good flexibility. It is due to the use of RDP powder and other modifications.
RDP powder for tile adhesives is generally easy to operate without pre-wet tiles. It effectively extends opening time and provides excellent resistance to sagging. RDP greatly speeds up the construction process. Moreover, the modern tilling method is easy to carry out and manage on-site.


4. WOTAIchem VS Other Brands


The construction procedure has been framed and simplified according to RDP powder’s unique characteristics and wide applications with well-developed traditional building materials.


RDP for construction improves cohesion, flexural strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, and durability. WOTAI’s high-quality RDP powder strongly supports all-size construction projects.


But choosing the right product is also an important part of smooth construction. Product quality is a crucial indicator after all.
What exactly makes WOTAI RDP a great recommendation? WOTAI Chemical is specialized in RDP powder research and development for over 20 years. We have a production base and a fully equipped laboratory.


We have five product bases. Our annual capacity for RDP powder is up to 20,000MT. We provide productive solutions with value-added service to all clients with different requirements. It has unparalleled high-cost performance and complex quality measurement compared to other brands.


We strive to achieve our client’s expectations. So we explore all the possibilities for product innovation and modification. Everything we do is to pave the way for our deep cooperation.


WOTAI demonstrates respectful cooperation with clients throughout every communication and transaction. We also can provide you with samples for inspection after setting up the order as soon as possible.


To control the moisture in our products, we have introduced secondary dehumidification equipment in our production line. So that the moisture content in the Redispersible Polymer Powder is less than 2%. We control this to prevent caking strictly during transportation and ensure your user experience.


WOTAI strives to be a different company. We serve and create ultimate value for clients worldwide with absolute professionalism and efficacy.
We can also promise we will arrange for personnel to do random inspections during production. WOTAI Chemical only produce high-quality and productive solutions for various industries, with our strict quality control steps and advanced technology.

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